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I have goals, people.

I posted these on [personal profile] jjhunter's awesome Quarterly Intentions meme and wanted to preserve them here too as I'm going to come back and work on them.

1. Some kind of progress on the novel. I might have to figure out what a useful wordcount goal is.
2. Finish the Intensive Questionnaires for Danny, Tess and Shri, and add Joel's unanswered questions to his.
3. Work my way up from 2 days to 3 days a week at the gym, and from 15-minute walk/run sessions to 20-minute walk/run sessions on the treadmill, with a view to starting Couch to 5k in March or April.
4. Apply for Enough Jobs (figure out how much that should actually be, self!), get invited to/attend at least 6 interviews, OR land a job.
5. Work out a useful HBA1C goal for April-ish with my diabetes nurse and try to achieve that with the new meds + diet and exercise.

So how does this fit into my overarching goals?

In which I ramble )
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I have a lot of goals. I haven't actually counted them, but there are a lot. Maybe I'll count them as I go.

This is going to be big and rambly and in no particular order, apart from the order I've had them in up until now. )

48 goals, wow. (And this doesn't cover all the stuff that's on hold.) I have no idea if this list will help me figure out what's important to me. I guess I could categorise this stuff in terms of why I'm doing it, and then see what the broad reasons are and figure out what of those are important to me right now? That's a possibility?

I have no idea if that will help but let's try it.

Some more categories, who even knows at this point. )

So what does this all say? )
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I am home now.

I still have applied to no jobs. It turns out that the wi-fi at the library is intermittently very slow, which is quite annoying. It's possible that the wi-fi at Costa is better, but I didn't get to check that out today, as it was so packed that I couldn't find a place to sit. Maybe at 9am-ish, it'll be better.

So the next thing to do, I guess, is think about priorities and how to organise myself so that things get done. You would think that by the age of 33 I'd have some clue how to do that, but I am struggling. Still. Make do with what you've got, right?

I'm going to start, I think, by listing stuff by type of activity.

Sorry, more length. )

Man, that's really a lot of stuff.

Do I have deadlines for any of this? Let's see.

Get blood test for consultant's appointment - 23rd September
Gifts and cards - I'd like to get started on this by the end of the month
Call Time to Talk - tomorrow
Email Chetan - tomorrow

Everything else is a bit up in the air, really. Some of it is probably more important than other stuff. Some of it is probably blocking other stuff. I'm starting to think I need a bug tracker for my life.

I feel like I need to figure out why I'm doing each of these things and maybe that will help me to decide what's important and what needs to happen first. That sounds like the subject of another post. Sorry, the spam is going to continue apace until I have actual priorities.

(None of this includes the stuff I just want to get done every day. Hrm. Wow, there is a lot of stuff.)
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This, I note, will probably be unfinished for a while. I'm going to have to leave in about 20 minutes for the supermarket, and then come back.

So. Ignoring the on hold pile for now.

More masterlist, with next steps )

And now I have to go. Soon: actually working on next steps!
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This is not a thing I'm going to attempt to stick to just yet. It's a list of all the things I'd like to be able to do daily, so it's not necessarily in achievable form yet. It is however an essential first step to finding the list of things I will be able to do every day.

This will get long and process-ey. )
Edit - actually I think that seems like too many things. )
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A long, long list.

But that's okay. I can take it in bite-sized chunks.

Sorry for the entry-spam today.

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