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* Inbox zero!!!! Has been a long time coming, so: FINALLY.

* Does anyone have any (online, preferably) shop recommendations for storage solutions for paper/stationery/etc? Ikea have some lovely things, but their delivery charge is exorbitant and I most certainly don't have the spoons for a trip to Croydon any time soon.

* Night Vale live next month EEEEEE.

* Work is going well! Have resolved some slightly snarly client stuff and am getting things done. Last couple of weeks have been really rough but I'm working my way back to where I want to be.

* I am not getting much (any) writing done and I'm slightly panicking about that 'cause it's Exchange Season and i have no idea what I want to nominate for Yuletide.

* I'm also not reading much, but this is an Ongoing Pattern and has been for at least a year. I have zero attention span.

* I think that's it for now!
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For now, though:

I am doing a finance reconciliation at work and finding it very hard to concentrate.

Thankfully, among my birthday gifts this year was a Pebble, which will charge my technology even when I don't have the right cable. I just have to finish charging the Pebble (from my PC) and then I can charge my iPod. When I have music, the reconciliation will be much better.

I'm also wondering about improving my record-keeping of the tasks I get done, just 'cause anything that records my productivity, spoon use, etc, would be kind of handy.
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Interacting more, in general - I should do that.

So here's what is going on in the world of the Randomling.

My lovely goose is away for the weekend at the Hay Literary Festival. I still don't really have the money to accompany him places, but we're going away for a long weekend in July, so that's nice.

I am still working at a charity, and just got my contract extended until the beginning of September, which is rather nice. Guaranteed money for another three months. Whoo!

I am studying like mad, and slightly feeling the lack of downtime. And I think I'm sometimes finding the coding immensely frustrating because I've taken on too much and have not had the time to really absorb the things I'm supposed to be learning. So I'm taking it easy, going to go slowly through the one remaining course I'm on, and take just one course next time around (which will be a maths course, because I think that's going to be useful foundational thing). I can retake the final for the webapp course in a couple of months, which is a relief.

I'm also trying to work on getting fitter and generally improving things in my life.

I think that's it for now. I have a post for "100 programming projects" half-written, and need to finish that up and post it soon.


May. 14th, 2012 02:55 pm
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Well, I have some. I have to remember to fill in this application form for Thursday so I have a chance of keeping the work for the next 3 months.

And blimey do I ever need to catch up on homework. Yipe.
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I'm doing a VERY BORING data entry project at the moment and for some reason all music is bugging the crap out of me.

Any tips for something soothing to distract me while at work? While actually working at the same time.

Long shot, I know.

EDIT - Okay, Alisha's Attic seems to be working out better than Bon Jovi.
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I am on lunch at my new temp assignment, still at Alzheimer's Society, because yes.

I am using my lunch break to try and work out what the hell is happening with lambda in Python, because... oh God, I have to modify a lambda function for a homework assignment and I do. Not. Understand.

On the plus side, I have all the computer science classes I could possibly handle happening right now. LEARN ALL THE THINGS.

It is exciting.

And I know I should make another 100 things post, but that takes time and preparation and I'm a bit full of things right now!
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I'm in "so bored at work" land right now.

There are papers and emails I could be sorting through, but I have no idea what to do with them, and I'm not sure I dare ask (for fear of being told to leave them alone).

I wish I didn't feel quite so LOST in this job. I guess I'll get to a point of feeling more accustomed to what's going on and how everything works here, but for now, this is sort of hard.

I have a "review" today apparently. And I'm scared because I'm worried I'm doing everything wrong but I've had so little training, I don't know how I'm supposed to do it right. I feel like I'm supposed to know everything by instinct (when I don't know something, my boss seems to get kind of annoyed). And I'm not psychic. And it's frustrating.

The other frustrating thing is, I know I could be GOOD at this job if only I knew what the systems are. But I don't. And it seems like no one will tell me!

(And there's probably lots of stuff I could usefully be doing, if only I knew stuff. But I kind of don't dare ask. So here I am on the internet and wishing that I wasn't giving my time for free to just be a warm body and answer the phone every 10 minutes. I can be more useful than this, and I want to be! Argh!)

So, that's today's whine.

If anyone wants to trade comments with me this morning, I would really, REALLY appreciate it.
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Long time since I've posted here. In fact I forgot I had the account till Lilly reminded me. But here I am, typing. So what's new for me?

What, since I last posted? Everything! I only have a few minutes so I can't go through everything. Suffice to say that I'm now in school, I have a job, and a social life, and life is on the up. However, I'm actually struggling to cope recently. I don't know why, but the last few weeks of the last semester really threw me for a loop and I haven't actually recovered yet. Getting there, though.

Trying to track down old Internet friends at the moment. A few popped up as soon as I signed back on to my IM, but some are going to be harder to find as they seem to have dropped off the Internet completely. Oh well: win some, lose some. Guess I'll cope.

Going to the Proms tonight. On the plus side I'm getting free tickets, but on the minus I'm going by myself as first my friend Simson (who got the tickets) dropped out and then my mum did. Aww well. Should be fun anyway.

I think that's going to have to be it now, time running out!

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