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No advice, please! (I know a lot of you are programming or sysadmin wizards who know loads about these things. I don't know very much about them, and I'm really wanting to make my own mistakes and see if I can work through this process by myself. Don't worry, if I get stuck, I will ask for help directly.)

Post automation )

Whee! This will be fun.
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So they updated the site overnight: woo!

I have two patches in this code push.

That is all.
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Interacting more, in general - I should do that.

So here's what is going on in the world of the Randomling.

My lovely goose is away for the weekend at the Hay Literary Festival. I still don't really have the money to accompany him places, but we're going away for a long weekend in July, so that's nice.

I am still working at a charity, and just got my contract extended until the beginning of September, which is rather nice. Guaranteed money for another three months. Whoo!

I am studying like mad, and slightly feeling the lack of downtime. And I think I'm sometimes finding the coding immensely frustrating because I've taken on too much and have not had the time to really absorb the things I'm supposed to be learning. So I'm taking it easy, going to go slowly through the one remaining course I'm on, and take just one course next time around (which will be a maths course, because I think that's going to be useful foundational thing). I can retake the final for the webapp course in a couple of months, which is a relief.

I'm also trying to work on getting fitter and generally improving things in my life.

I think that's it for now. I have a post for "100 programming projects" half-written, and need to finish that up and post it soon.
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So I have epic homework code to write, and a giant stack trace to work my way through, because apparently I need to test if something is a list.

That can be done.

It's quite fun having challenging brainteasers to work through in my lunch hour.

Speaking of which, I really need to figure out which programming project I'm going to write about next. Not that I really have time for my own projects just now. Studies and keeping body and soul together come first!

Whee. Oh life, you are exhausting.
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I am on lunch at my new temp assignment, still at Alzheimer's Society, because yes.

I am using my lunch break to try and work out what the hell is happening with lambda in Python, because... oh God, I have to modify a lambda function for a homework assignment and I do. Not. Understand.

On the plus side, I have all the computer science classes I could possibly handle happening right now. LEARN ALL THE THINGS.

It is exciting.

And I know I should make another 100 things post, but that takes time and preparation and I'm a bit full of things right now!
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I sort of knew this in my brain before, but I just started to do stuff with it on Codecademy, and... wow.

Really Quite Powerful is this technology.

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I miss the actually participating on Dreamwidth thing.

I do a lot of hanging out in IRC. Some playing Minecraft. But I'm focusing a lot on work and code at the moment. (I am learning C! And Javascript! At the same time! Yes, I'm nuts. Also, I want to learn to develop for Android, so at least if I write myself a game that's super-buggy/unstable, I can fix the bastard.)

I'm forever creating accounts on things.

I do, theoretically, have a tumblr, but I don't really understand it over there. And I don't know who/what/where to read. Someone explain tumblr to me, please?

I keep trying to make Big Projects to sort myself out, but it's hard to fix everything all at once.

Anyway. HI. I miss you guys. [wave]
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I am working on a bug. (And at some point, I need to take a break so I can mess around with my game for a bit. I'd like to have something fun and playable by the time T is back and that does seem relatively doable.)

And I made a theme!

And... yes.

The #dreamwidth IRC channel is awesome and evil.
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Having a bit of a depression-attack lately. Working on it.

Spent about an hour looking at code from the Dreamwidth codebase. I WILL understand it. I swear I will.

Still madly in love with Perl.

Not much else in the way of newsy-mc-news right now.
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Some of these things are code-related, and some not. (I am currently obsessed with programming - it is my new toy!)

-The bf is currently in France! (He came back from Norway. Now he has gone on another trip.) All seems to be going rather well, though, and he'll be back in a fortnight. :D

-Progress continues apace on the game - I'm starting to implement certain cool features with the test game, and might at some point build the "real game" which is based around a fairy castle theme. This will require me to make some maps and do some world-building, however, and I'm still at the "implementing features and keeping the game small enough to make it easy to test" stage. So that might be a while off.

-I am getting to the point with Perl where I might actually be able to tackle the bug I claimed at DW. Excitement!

-I also signed up for Github with the vague aim of someday perhaps working on Diaspora, for which I have recently signed up as a user - though that requires Ruby, which I don't yet have a clue about. I'd also like to do some coding for AO3 someday, though I have NO IDEA what language they use there yet.

-I am enjoying the second half of this year's Doctor Who series so far. Outrageous plot developments, weird narrative techniques, speed-of-light exposition and all.

-I need a job! (And with the boyfriend on holiday, I am lower-than-usual on distractions.) So there will be working on these things today and muuuuch writing of applications next week. Go Lucy!

And now I go to write a way of putting stuff in boxes in my game. Wish me luck!

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