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1. Dear God, it's cold out there.

2. The new Harry Potter is AWESOME. Just saying. As the rest of the internet seems to be saying: is it July yet?

3. I'm trying out Google Chrome for the first time, on the recommendation of some of the people I was hanging with tonight (hiii). Seems pretty cool so far, but I need to learn more about how it all works. (Or, anything about how it works!)

4. I completed a week of volunteering. Things are quiet there right now, so it's not very exciting, but I'm learning how stuff works there, slowly.

5. I'm discovering lots of new TV addictions. Hurray?

6. Also, I finished the hot pink lace scarf, which was for my sister's birthday. She loved it! Pictures soon.

7. That's it!
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Time for an update of update-ey-ness.

  • I'm volunteering! So far, there is not much to be done, but I'm doing what needs to be done, and answering the phone and stuff. And getting up in the morning. Well, that's a work in progress, but we'll get there, right?
  • I'm working on biz-related stuff a bit each day. This is an improvement!
  • I'm blogging, too. (Well, this is biz-related. But hey, there it is.)
  • I'm keeping up with the knitting. But I need to update my Ravelry and stuff. If you're on there, too, I'm randomling.
  • I'm also working on the job-hunting thing a bit, but that needs some more dedicated scheduling. And also, giving some time to the volunteering thing, to give me confidence that I can actually do this "working in a place" thing again.
  • I think that is all for now.

Switching off the internet now. If I go to bed early, it helps with the getting up again (or so I'm led to believe).
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I am home from North Ca'lina and alive, but quite tired.

Things appear to be looking up. The volunteering thing starts on Monday. I'm sort of even looking forward to my therapy appointment this week. And I'm knitting a fair bit and planning to write more than I'm actually writing.

(I should do some writing before I go to sleep, really.)

How's everyone been this week?
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Today there has been lots of Eureka.

I'm also trying to catch up on The Big Bang Theory and I'm also thinking I might get to work on Leverage and White Collar.

Soooo, TV is on my brain. (I'm hoping to have stuff to watch on my laptop on the plane, should the in-flight entertainment be sucky, which it sometimes is. Ten hours is a long time to have nothing to do!)

I'm also doing a big re-organization of data because there is so much stuff on my computer. A lot of things are getting moved to the external HD. Space is at a premium! (At some point I also need to sort out the data on my old PC, so that I can maybe get rid of it.)

Not sure there is much else to report. I've started knitting this lace scarf which is testing my knitting skills!

And of course there is lots of prep to do for America which is all of a sudden in FOUR DAYS. (But I have booked my Heathrow Express ticket, so it's all good really.)

I should totally update the Lucy Viret blog, but I need a topic. Maybe I'll just watch another episode of Eureka while I'm thinking about it, or something.
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Things are still hard. But I'll get my pills this afternoon, and this morning's doctor's appointment was a definite success. Got the admin stuff I needed done, and two balls rolling that needed to be got rolling, and I was taken seriously and everything. I think there might be an adult in here somewhere.

But I'm aware that this is a temporary thing. I'm able to take care of myself during the temporary hard time. And I'm able to put things in place that will help me not to be in this situation again. All of this is good news.

In the meantime, I'm watching lots of Warehouse 13 and getting some knitting done. (I have new yarn!) And I need to photograph my stash, so that my sister can pick colours for her birthday hat.

Might work on that now, actually. I need to know what she wants before I go away in a week. Um, apparently knitting is my new obsession.

Going to see what I can do about the self-care now. Yay, self-care.
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I'm baking bread and doing laundry.

I have an email to send, a cover letter to write and a CV to tailor, and an interview to prepare for (it's for a voluntary post, but that's okay). All of that is deadlined for Monday, so it's today or tomorrow.

I've also got an ongoing knitting project - no deadline, but "watching TV and knitting" is my go-to relaxation activity. Noticing those depression warning signs means I'm trying to allow myself lots of relaxation time, in the hopes of preventing myself going totally to pieces before I can get more drugs on Tuesday.

And there is stuff to be done to stop the entropy in my room. Five minutes of picking-up and putting-things-where-they-live will totally make my bedroom back into a haven.

So I am working hard on the self-care thing, while also trying to keep an eye on the various balls I have in the air.

I also still want to do writing but I'm totally floundering. Thank you to everyone who gave me links for prompting communities - I have lots of stuff to play with now! But something is still missing, I just wish I knew what.

Grr, this whole thing of having to figure out what you need before you ask for it. It's frustrating!


Oct. 19th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Feeling kind of sad tonight. But I am sort of... noticing it and letting it be there. And I think that's sort of good.

In better news: I did some good stuff today. Made job-hunt progress, worked on my ebook, and finished knitting the hat I've been working on (and darned in the ends). I shall probably do the pressing and making-up at the weekend, and then: new shiny hat for me!

Wondering about picking up the writing again after a couple of weeks' break. I miss it, but for various reasons the Inception epic is well and truly stalled at the moment. I don't want to give up on it permanently but I think I need something different to work on for now.

There was also piano tonight. Five minutes, but that was better than nothing.

To be done tonight - I want to find my hairdryer (I've been thinking about this for days and haven't got round to it!) and work on a bedtime routine of some kind. I'm pretty sure that would be good for me.

And now, dear Journalling Services, I am going to turn off the internet for the evening.

Good night!

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