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Borrowing also the concept of the TA DAH list from [personal profile] kaberett.

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That will do for now!
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Okay - having whined about my lack of resilience, here is an attempt to get slightly better:

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I am now permitting myself a Farscape while I do other grooming-related things.

After that, I'm going to edit this post to figure out the next lot of to-dos.

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Dec. 29th, 2013 01:37 pm
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I feel slightly less unbelievably doom-laden after near twelve hours' sleep. I'd still like to get some room-tidying done, though. This room is a horrifying mess, and I'd like to make some improvements.

At least in theory, a bit of trance music should make this slightly easier. I notice that the brainhack is slightly less effective when I'm playing over speaker, but I think it should still be there.

Might be worth making a plan and having some accountability here.

In which I make plans )
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1. INTERVIEW PREP oh my god.
2. looooooads of self-care.
3. get those two loads of washing done.
5. Get a beta for my short YT fic.
6. Mum's Xmas present

Supporting plans )
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PS I love the random icon thing. It is awesome. And stops me from just posting with my default icon every time.
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I don't usually do this stuff here, 'cause it's boring for you all to read. But my usual place-to-log-my-missions is down, so here's me making commitments in writing on the internet, 'cause it helps.

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