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I am assuming you chose to remain anon for a reason, but you rock, and THANK YOU.

(This tag has never been more appropriate.)
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...here is a question!

Are you cross-posting from DW to LJ?

I'm trying to a) sort out my reading lists on LJ and DW so that I have fewer duplications and b) do as much moving my reading from LJ to DW as possible.

Don't worry, I'm not quitting LJ, not by any means. And I'm not going to be all "you must move to DW". But if I can read your posts on Dreamwidth, I would prefer to.

A few people on my list have recently started cross-posting, and I've just done a mass move of cross-posters off my LJ default view. (I won't be defriending anyone - that feels mean to me!)

(It's also partly because I'm on a couple of high-traffic comms on LJ, so my friends' posts tend to get drowned.)


If you're on Dreamwidth, and you're cross-posting, let me know!
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...here is a question!

Are you cross-posting from DW to LJ?

I'm trying to a) sort out my reading lists on LJ and DW so that I have fewer duplications and b) do as much moving my reading from LJ to DW as possible.

Don't worry, I'm not quitting LJ, not by any means. And I'm not going to be all "you must move to DW". But if I can read your posts on Dreamwidth, I would prefer to.

A few people on my list have recently started cross-posting, and I've just done a mass move of cross-posters off my LJ default view. (I won't be defriending anyone - that feels mean to me!)

(It's also partly because I'm on a couple of high-traffic comms on LJ, so my friends' posts tend to get drowned.)


If you're on Dreamwidth, and you're cross-posting, let me know!
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Yay, now everything is in one place!

Now I just need to sort out the tags. *cough* That'll be fun.

EDIT: I am loving the "merge tags" just now. Oh, yes.
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I have reached a block of sorts on the Inception story I'm writing*, so obviously, I changed my Dreamwidth layout and default icon.

Pretty sure no one will care about either of these things, but whatever. Here I am making a post!

*yes, I'm writing Arthur/Eames. I have written more than 7,000 words which is more than I've written on ANYTHING this year. Vaguely impressed with myself!
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I have three new codes to give away!

Shout if you want one?

(Also, I'm thinking of importing my LJ fic journal over to Dreamwidth, so that I have everything in one place. Hm, though. I may have to work on tags first so that the tagging system comes over complete with a "fic" tag.)
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I seem to be cross-posting everything except the stuff that is only relevant to DW/LJ. Which is quite a lot, so there is less duplication than I had thought.

So we have hit Open Beta and I now have a Premium Paid account. Whee! Still don't have enough icons. And I seem to be joining every community going, or at least every community that even vaguely interests or concerns me. This is kind of fun, but I don't intend to hang on to all of them - at the moment I'm just getting a feel for the place and trying to meet as many new people as possible!

So as communities become more active, and I get a bit of a better idea what is happening with each of them, I may prune some, just because if all the communities I am a member of have a post each day, it'll get crazy pretty quickly. And un-keep-up-able-with.

Still no idea what, if anything, I'll keep access-locked over here. So I am being cautious and so far only granting access to people I already know from elsewhere. Don't be offended if you have granted me access and I haven't reciprocated, please!
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Not cross-posting this, as it's Dreamwidth-specific.

I am having angst about journal styles. Which is ridiculous because there are only three to choose from. My current feeling is this:

1. Negative black is nice, but a bit... yeah, black. It tends to be what I use.
2. Zesty white is also nice, and feels a lot more spacious, but it's a bit... white!
3. Transmogrified - I quite like the layout but it won't display my subtitle and I hate-hate-hate the colour scheme. (Orange. Ugh!) And I look at the colour customization page and go, OMG FLAIL. It's so hard!

I know it should not be hard to change a few damn colours... but I have to choose what they should BE and I can't find any combinations that I like! Have tried focusing more on pinks and purples and blues but nothing works. It just feels like too much work!

I am not really looking for anything here, just - meep! I realize this is me whining about unimportant stuff, I do. But. Oh, I dunno. The style I use on LJ is not open source. Sigh!


Apr. 25th, 2009 01:46 pm
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Not crossposting, as this is DW-specific.

I just realized, I really need to sort out the tags on my DW, now that I have merged two journals with two different tagging systems.

Also, holy hell, what will I do about my fic? (On a third journal, so it may have to wait until I can have a sub-journal of this one; I'm tired of logging in and logging out.)
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For now... for now.

I'm going to crosspost. It means I can manage both my journals. I think I'm going to import my fannish LJ here to and then we will have everything in one place (and here, I am less worried about not separating the fannish and personal stuff, and maybe locking down the really personl bits).

Comments will be ON on LJ. And on here, too. Comment wherever you like!

I'm very much looking forward to being able to read my LJ flist via DW as that will probably be the final piece in the puzzle for me.

(NB: Readers of my fannish journal, catviret - HI. You've probably missed out on a lot of this as I haven't posted much to this journal in a long time. So. Greetings! Hopefully this will create more activity on this journal, haha. I have a new account on Dreamwidth and have been trying to work out for a couple of weeks what to do with it. I think I have now decided! For those of you who haven't seen, and I know there is a bit of crossover between my personal and fannish readers so you may see this twice or even 3 times if you also read DW... I am randomling on DW. The LJ journals are, as mentioned above, staying where they are. Oh, and this will probably also be good for readers of my personal journal who have missed a few entries or not chatted to me lately. Ahem.)
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So - the LJ auto-crossposter is live. I'm currently just testing it out and seeing if it works.

You will indeed see this twice. But it should direct you to comment on DW, if you are reading this on your LJ flist.

Let's see if it works!
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I'm still undecided about what I'm going to do with my Dreamwidth account.

Which is silly, in a way. Or maybe not. Either way - it's a thing that's there. I think this project is entirely fabulous and I really want to support it; that's why I'm here. I appear to be meeting new people here, and joining communities that would probably seem too "big and scary" to participate in on LJ, and that's awesome. But what am I going to do here?

No, really.

I don't want to leave LJ entirely, because I have a certain number of friends there who are unlikely to migrate. So I'll probably keep the LJ around. I have friends there who I'll want to stay in touch with.

I don't really want to cross-post, mostly because... well, it's like this. I have three LiveJournals. That gets complicated. Do I want to merge personal, fannish stuff, and fan-writing here? Do I want a separate something for the non-fan-writing that I'm not doing at the moment anyway? And do I want to have them all as one thing here and cross-post to three different journals on LJ? No, no I don't.

My personal journal there is mostly flocked - but I don't want to keep doing that for various reasons, partly because I now have a public blog that shares some fairly personal stuff, albeit under a name that isn't all mine.

My fannish journal, I rarely use these days, and I'm not sure I want to make that distinction between "fannish friends" and "real friends"; some of my fannish friends are among my best "real" friends, ever.

And the fan-writing journal, well, has been quiet for some time due to a lack of words on my part, but had a separate flist all its own, because there are people who like to read me but don't really know me. Which is fine. (Flattering, even. And awesome. I love my readers.)

So what to do?

I like having the "public writing blog" because it's a new and interesting thing to have a "real blog" instead of a journal on one of these journaling services, and it's a different mode of writing that seems more like it's to-be-read instead of for-communication-with-people.

I like having my LJ. I like the people there, even if I have my doubts about the way the LJ service is going.

I love it here at Dreamwidth because it feels so fresh and new and everybody is excited about having a new sandbox to play in and about building the community here from scratch. And there are so many interesting new people to meet and I already love you all.

I don't really know how I'm going to resolve this, but for the future, this journal may be... primarily wibbling about what I'm going to do with this journal. Either that, or I find a theme to make it distinct from the other journals and blogs I keep.

Something like that.
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Okay. So the one complaint so far on [community profile] dwstones? Is that people aren't posting enough. So maybe I should post something about me, myself and I. How I got to Dreamwidth, and a thing or two that's important to me.

I got here via fandom. And I should point out that I'm a relative newbie to fandom with only about 18 months under my belt. I'm sure that you will hear a thing or two about my favourite fandom, which is popslash, in many subsequent posts. (For a quickie definition, though: popslash is slash about real people in the pop world, usually *Nsync, The Backstreet Boys and associated people. And slash is same-sex romantic/erotic fan fiction.)

The thing that I really want to do with my life is write. Actual words, my own non-fanfic words - and preferably make some kind of money at it. That would be awesome. I have ideas, but they feel "too big to write" and I'm rather intimidated about actually doing it. So I'm working on that particular thing.

I'm currently recovering from a major bout of depression and learning to cope with diabetes still, about nine months after I was diagnosed. Partly as a result of that, I'm currently even more obsessed than usual with self-help and self-development stuff, and trying to learn to navigate the Big Issues that get me stuck and get me upset. I'm also quite obsessed with a "destuckification expert" called Havi Brooks, who has a web site at The Fluent Self. So you may hear a thing or two about that as time goes on.

I'm spread rather wide over the internet at the moment. I have three Livejournals (currently all paid - ahem), one for personal, one for fannish, and one for writing stuff, a Twitter account which I'm just getting to grips with, a Facebook account I barely ever use, and a new WordPress blog (which at some point deserves a link).

I have a terrible habit of over-extending myself and as a result I'm always trying to rationalize and figure out what I should be committed to and what I should ditch. This seems to be a constantly ongoing process and there is never a clean slate, which I find somewhat distressing, but that's life for you.

I was quite keen on the clean slate thing here, and then I stupidly imported my LJ. Not sure why, follow the crowd I guess...

There is no real point to this entry, except to say one more hello, and give some info about myself! :)
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  • If you are new to reading me - HELLO! Welcome to the madness. I am very excited to be here but I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • I write in bullet points. A lot.
  • I have added a bunch of people to my subscription list - way more than belong to my access list. As of thus far, though, I haven't made any locked posts, so you're not missing out on everything. That's as close to a "WTF policy" as I get really.
  • The journal import didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked and I'm not sure that I won't just delete all my old entries and tags in the end - I'm really dithering over what I want to use Dreamwidth for and how that relates to how I use Livejournal.
  • One aspect of this is that I'm trying to populate my access list with the OpenID accounts of people who are on my LJ flist. I was under the impression that the importer would do that - not the access filters, sure, but the access lists. Guess not. Ah well, that's a long job that I don't really want to be bothered with right now, so probably anything that my flist needs to see will stay on LJ for now.
  • That is mildly annoying though, and I should really look up to see if that's intentional or a bug or what.
  • My plan is to get a Premium Paid or maybe a Seed account when payment becomes an option. I really like it here.
  • I currently am subscribed to a bunch of communities, some fandom, some not - but people aren't really posting yet! There's lots of activity on [community profile] dreamchasers though, and it's lovely to see people popping up all over the place. If you're new like me, welcome to DW!
  • I hate my LJ profile and should really delete it.
  • I think that's all for now?
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[personal profile] invisionary made the most wonderful post on The Gay Agenda which I think you all should read. Yes - you. I think it's fabulous and very, very true.

Yay for finding new people on Dreamwidth and having them be smart and cool! Clearly DW is made of win. As is the [community profile] dreamchasers comm from which I am stealing new friends all the time.

But, yes. You should all read that post.
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Okay, I admit it, I had been bitching and feeling left out 'cause I didn't have an invite. And then I checked my email when I got up this... um, afternoon (shush, it's Easter Sunday) and there it was! "Denise has invited you to Dreamwith." Eeeeeee! Thank you, [staff profile] denise!

I am dithering over whether to import or not. Partly because I have three journals on LJ and I'm not sure they accurately reflect what I would really like to use Dreamwith for. On LJ, my personal and fannish journals are separate - here, I'd like to keep them in the same place, for convenience and also so that I'm not making this arbitary distinction between "real friends" snd "fannish friends" (that feels rather mean to me, and I think that the basic set-up of DW will make it much easier to run my journal the way I want).

I'm also not sure that I want to keep all my personal posts locked any more. Hell, I blog about really personal things on my writing blog, and that's Totally Public To All The World. And read by about three people, but never mind! :) In any case, a new journaling service kind of gives me the opportunity to make some new choices and not be bound by the decisions of the past.

Oh wow, I'm in love with "granting access" and "subscribing" as TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Yes, OK, I knew this was going to happen for all the time I've been following DW. But I had no idea how awesome it would be. Because I can now read the people I like but don't know, and not have to filter them off any locked post I make (or just go, sod it, they don't read anyway so whatever). And that feels kind of awesome.

"Awesome": clearly a word that applies to Dreamwidth very well.

I'm very new and shiny here. And I'm probably going to make a post to [community profile] dreamchasers almost immediately because... yes. I'm so excited!


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