Jul. 9th, 2008 03:42 pm
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I still have June Bug pimps and master list updates to do. Will get to that tonight.

The very lovely [ profile] fan_elune has written me the most lovely Lucifer Box ficlet. She should be encouraged, so go read and comment!

And now for a meme )

That's all!
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June is over! (It's actually not; I'm typing this on June 1st, but this post won't be done until June is over.) And that means that the June Bug Challenge is over, too! How sad. But [ profile] trumpeterofdoom has claimed July, so popslash will continue to thrive for another month!

Here are all the June Bug Challenge submissions:

1 - Fiction: Everything by [ profile] linear_flower
2 - Fiction: What JC Did When He Disappeared by [ profile] puszysty
3 - Fiction: Practise These Principles In All Our Affairs by [ profile] nopseud
4 - Fiction: A History Lesson by [ profile] catviret
5 - Icons: 31 JC Chasez icons by [ profile] bellamyrose
6 - Challenge: The D-Day Challenge by [ profile] pensnest
7 - Fiction: The Amazing Tale of JC, Lunch Lady of Warehouse D by [ profile] llamabitchyo
8 - Fiction: Musings by [ profile] joshysleo
9 - Fiction: In Vino Veritas by [ profile] topaz119
10 - Fiction: Make It Better by [ profile] kaethe
11 - Wallpapers: N'Sync and Backstreet Boys Wallpapers by [ profile] turloughishere
12 - Fiction: Disclosure by [ profile] withdiamonds
13 - Fiction: Yarn by [ profile] catviret
14 - Fiction: untitled fic by [ profile] inahurricane
15 - Fiction: Go!, Choices and Just A Scratch by [ profile] joshysleo
16 - Fiction: [ profile] joshysleo gave more fiction: Catch And Release and Off And Running by [ profile] joshysleo
17 - Icons Assorted icons by [ profile] llamabitchyo
18 - Fiction: Old Time's Sake by [ profile] catviret
19 - Fiction: Nightmares by [ profile] kaethe
20 - Icons: 100 Kevin/Nick icons by [ profile] kaostic
21 - Fiction: Semper Fidelis by [ profile] phaballa
22 - Fiction: The ABC Of Nsync by [ profile] turps33
23 - Icons: 12 JC icons by [ profile] fadedsouls
24 - Fiction: Countrified by [ profile] sperrywink
25 - All The Girls by [ profile] silveryscrape
26 -
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -
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I have kept putting this update off because it was lots of links to collate and I'm lazy. And now of course there are a million and they're about two weeks old. I'm sorry. FAIL.

Any case. I'm now ameliorating the fail by actually updating! Yay!

Okay, so here we go.

On the 13th June, I posted fiction, with Yarn.

On the 14th June, [ profile] inahurricane gave us untitled fic.

On the 15th June, [ profile] joshysleo provided fiction with Go!, Choices and Just A Scratch.

On the 16th June, [ profile] joshysleo gave more fiction: Catch And Release and Off And Running.

On the 17th, [ profile] llamabitchyo gave us some assorted icons.

On the 18th it was my turn again, with fiction: Old Time's Sake.

On the 19th, [ profile] kaethe gave us fic with Nightmares.

On the 20th, [ profile] kaostic gave us 100 Kevin/Nick icons.

On the 21st, [ profile] phaballa gave us fic with Semper Fidelis.

On the 22nd, [ profile] turps33 gave us fic with The ABC Of Nsync.

On the 23rd, we had [ profile] fadedsouls with 12 JC icons.

On the 24th, we had [ profile] sperrywink with fiction: Countrified.

On the 25th, [ profile] silveryscrape gave us fic with All The Girls.

And we're up-to-date!

Thank you so much everyone who has participated so far. And special props go to [ profile] joshysleo who has so far contributed three times and submitted an amazing six stories!

The master list will be updated tonight.
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This was inspired by a combination of [ profile] turps33's love for comment-fic, and [ profile] pensnest's urgent need for fluff. It was also conveniently written as comment-fic the day before my entry for The June Bug Challenge was due, so here it is!

Summary: It's ten years down the road for Chris and Lance.
Warnings: Boybands, RPF.
Also: Unbeta'd.

For [ profile] pensnest.

Old Time's Sake

Chris cracks open another beer )
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Is it cheating to post something for June Bug that I already posted as comment-fic in someone else's journal?

...also, is there anyone out there who could retrospectively cover the 16th?
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Okay, I need to sleep. I'm going to cheat like hell and make today's June Bug post tomorrow.


Jun. 13th, 2008 10:54 pm
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Written for The June Bug Challenge.

Summary: Justin finds Joey funny.
Warnings: Boybands, RPF.
Also: Unbeta'd. Thanks to [ profile] adelate for prompt help.


'Dude,' Justin says )


Jun. 13th, 2008 02:45 pm
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I need to write some Timbertone for my June Bug today. And it's not like I don't have a page of prompts but nothing is inspiring me.

I don't know... just... help?
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Hi! I'm playing catch-up on this week's entries for The June Bug Challenge because I have been lax.

So first, [ profile] llamabitchyo played catch-up for June 7th with The Amazing Tale of JC, Lunch Lady of Warehouse D.

On June 9th, [ profile] topaz119 contributed fiction with In Vino Veritas.

On June 10th, [ profile] kaethe contributed Make It Better.

On June 11th, [ profile] turloughishere contributed N'Sync and Backstreet Boys Wallpapers.

And on June 12th, [ profile] withdiamonds contributed Disclosure.

All of which means I need to update the master list!
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Sadly, the very lovely [ profile] raynedanser has had to drop out of making her June Bug post on the 15th. That's this coming Sunday.

Would anyone be able/happy to fill in her slot?

Remember you don't have to post fic - if you want to do icons, graphics, a mix, some recs, a footage upload, whatever - just feel free.

Let me know if you would like to?

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We have more submissions! (And I was away over the weekend, so excuse the catch-up post.)

On June 6th, [ profile] pensnest announced her D-Day Challenge.

On June 8th, [ profile] joshyleo posted the first part of an untitled fic.

Sadly, we didn't get anything at all for June 7th, so I'm going to cheat wildly and play catch-up with a drabble or something. Probably won't be until tomorrow, but it can be honorary June 7th on the 9th.
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Today's entry is icons.

Have 31 JC Chasez icons from the lovely [ profile] bellamyrose.

Go look, take your pick, and spread the love!
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Written for The June Bug Challenge. Also submitted to [ profile] fanfic100.

Summary: Justin's past is farther behind him than he thought.
Warnings: Boybands, RPF.
Also: Thank you to [ profile] ephemera_pop for beta.

A History Lesson

Justin sits outside )
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For June 3rd we have fiction! Go feast your eyes on:

Practise These Principles In All Our Affairs by [ profile] nopseud.

Go read, feed and spread the love, people!
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We have another piece of fiction for June 2nd! (Excuse the belated posting - I had a very early might last night...) Anyway, without further ado:

What JC Did When He Disappeared by [ profile] puszysty.

Go read, feed, and spread the love!
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We've had our very first submission for The June Bug Challenge!

[ profile] linear_flower has provided us with fic: Everything.

Go read, feed, and spread the love!

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ETA: We've got sign-ups for all 30 days in June now, hurray! Thanks to everyone who's signed up to take part. You can still participate if you want to, as it's possible to double-up on dates!


If you haven't yet claimed your date for The June Bug Challenge, please do so!

If you're still trying to figure out whether you want to sign up - the answer is yes, of course you do! The minimum submission is 5 icons, one wallpaper/graphic/piece of fanart, or 100 words of fic, so don't be shy!

There are 7 6 4 days left to claim. There's just ONE DAY left to claim, and that's the 7th June! We're full, people! If you still want to sign up, then of course I'm accepting double-ups! But for now, come on and claim those days!

Popslash ain't dead. Come prove it.

[waves pompoms]

ETA: No one has claimed my birthday! Which by the way is the 8th. [sadface] Yay [ profile] joshysleo!
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Hello all!

Please have a look at, and sign up for, The June Bug Challenge over at my general fandom journal [ profile] catviret if you are at all interested in popslash, and help us generate one fannish post per month for the whole month of June.

Go on, you know you want to.
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In April, we had The Awesome April Challenge, run by [ profile] turps33, and in May, we had It's Gonna Be May, run by [ profile] raynedanser. This month, I proudly present:

The June Bug Challenge

About - For the third month running, we're hoping to have at least one fandom-related post made per day.

Rules - This challenge is not limited to fiction. Post anything you like: stories, wallpapers, icons, macros, fanart, whatever, as long as it's poplslash related. If you're writing fic, feel free to cross over with any fandom you choose, as long as it's pop-based - anything over 100 words or over is fine (we laugh at upper limits). If you're posting icons, please make it 5 or more, and again there's no upper limit.

How to play - All of June's dates are behind the cut. Comment to claim your date (or dates). When you've made your post ON your date, comment again to let us all know. Dates can definitely be shared if enough people sign up!

If something goes wrong (as things in life are prone to do) and you can't post on the day you planned, please let me know.

Any questions or comments, please ask or speak up!

And that's it. Go ahead and claim, and please pimp this challenge anywhere you can!

I'll make another post with links to the goodies once June starts.

Have fun!

The Dates )

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