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What kind of things can I put in a supporting statement for a job to demonstrate that I am conscientious?

(Yes, asking for advice. Would like to have a conversation with someone about this because this is the one point I'm struggling to answer. I am pretty conscientious but really not coming up with anything!)
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This is the last of today's spam. I swear.

I'm trying to write an elevator pitch for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to help me to reach my network on social media and maybe find work that way. (I'm really, really desperate for a job at this point.)

The thing about an elevator pitch, though, is the first thing they say is that it should be built around what makes you unique. And I have... literally no idea what makes me unique, especially in an admin-job sense. I don't feel like I'm unique at all! There are hundreds or thousands of people in London who can do what I do. So it's hard to figure out how to write an elevator pitch that isn't super-generic.

I did end up writing a list of things about me, but I'm not sure how much that helped.

Guys, if you have a moment, I'd love to hear one thing that you think is cool, or unusual, or even unique about me. (If you don't know, or you don't have a moment, don't worry!) Maybe that will help me figure out what to put in this elevator pitch thing.


Nov. 4th, 2011 07:58 pm
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I've picked up the knitting habit again, which means I'm watching lots of TV. Especially when knitting boring patterns.

So, I'm kind of looking for cool TV shows to watch.

Here's some things:

-I quite like downbeat shows, but right now, I'd like cheery stuff. It's winter and I seem to have overdosed on sad books and TV episodes recently.

-Funny is good. Snarky humour is awesome; lots of slapstick probably won't make me all that happy.

-Sci fi, horror, fantasy, weirdshit, etc, are all pretty awesome. Mundane TV shows about high schoolers with no supernatural/sci fi element, probably not so much. (I'm quite tempted by How I Met Your Mother, even though there's nothing fantastical.)

-Reality shows are RIGHT OUT. I require plot. And scripts.

I'm all caught up on Haven, WH13 and Eureka. Currently watching The Dead Zone (old! But fun). Loved Buffy, Dollhouse and Firefly, have yet to see most of Angel. Was keeping up with both The BIg Bang Theory and Supernatural up until about halfway through last season, but have totally lost my place on both shows. Have had the Sarah Connor Chronicles and.... the one with Joshua Jackson...? Fringe! Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe have been recommended.

I would love some recommendations, droll-or-flist!
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Dear flist/circle,

I need to design an ecard for work.

I have about 3.5 hours today and 4 hours tomorrow to accomplish this.

We have Word and Publisher and Outlook. Pretty sure we don't have Photoshop or anything graphic design-ey.

I do not know anything about design. (Well, a teeny bit, but nothing that useful.) I definitely do not know how to design a professional looking ecard.

Your thoughts and/or help would be appreciated!
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I need to write! And I am completely stumped. So my plan is to trawl the kinkmemes of the world and look for something to inspire me.

Except I don't really know where the kinkmemes live.

Anyone have links? Doctor Who, Whedonverse, small fandom or multi-fandom memes would be awesome.

(I know about the popslash fic requests comm - but I'm kind of not finding anything there to inspire me just now. :()

Or you could just prompt me?

Stupid lack of muses.
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I need to write! And I am completely stumped. So my plan is to trawl the kinkmemes of the world and look for something to inspire me.

Except I don't really know where the kinkmemes live.

Anyone have links? Doctor Who, Whedonverse, small fandom or multi-fandom memes would be awesome.

(I know about the popslash fic requests comm - but I'm kind of not finding anything there to inspire me just now. :()

Or you could just prompt me?

Stupid lack of muses.
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...but, um. I need something.

I have a dear friend, who this evening over coffee I managed to sell on the concept of slash. (Yay!) And I'm looking for recs for her. She loves House - and after quizzing her, any good slash that fits the following requirements would be much appreciated:

-For preference with much bitching and snarking. (IE, House is well-written, I guess!)

If there is really good quality stuff out there, it would be awesome. And even if you don't know particular fics, pointing me in the right direction for communities, archives, web sites would be awesome. I have no idea where to start in House fandom!

([livejournal.com profile] trumpeterofdoom... can you help?)

Thanks people!
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I'm thinking about updating my web site. Partly because there's a few newish stories that haven't gone up there just yet - Park Guy, most notably - but also because I'm not totally happy with the structure of the site.

At some point I want to put PDFs up on the site, especially of the longer stories, so they're easier to download and print. So far I only have the one PDF up there, though. What's concering me at the moment is, I've got a number of different pages up on the site - a master list of the stories, and then different pages dividing them up by pairing, length and genre. Which is a bitch to maintain, because it means I have to update four separate pages each time I add new stories.

So I thought I'd ask - as a reader, what do you usually find most useful, or expect to find? A single master list of stories with plenty of information - like pairing, genre and length - right there? A number of different pages so you can go to your favourite pairing or your favourite type of story, or see what I've got that's really meaty? Something that's searchable in some way? (I've no idea how to implement that, but I could probably figure it out.)

What do you think, people?
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Okay, so I'm vaguely considering something for a potential story. And I'm not looking here for "which states voted red and blue in the latest election", which I can look up - but for public perceptions within America, which is harder to track down without, you know, asking people. The question is this:

Which states are "liberal", and which are "conservative"? Not necessarily in terms of track record when it comes to representatives and presidential elections, but in terms of culture and what you would expect to find if you went there.

Here's what I have so far:

Liberal states are: California (despite the recent Prop 8 decision), Washington and Oregon (the "left coast" as I've heard it called), New England (Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire), the DC area (and possibly Maryland and Virginia by extension?), Minnesota and Wisconsin, Hawaii. "Possibles" in my head are Illinios and Michigan, New Jersey and Delaware, and maybe New York (city, if not state?).

Conservative states: the South (the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky), and the Midwest (Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas?). Texas. Utah. Alaska. "Possibles": Missouri and Arkansas (never sure where "South" ends and "Midwest" begins!), maybe Oklahoma (?), possibly the north-west (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho).

Anyone tell me any different or any more? Information on the "character" of any specific state or large city would also be useful, just in terms of how Americans see each state. I'm sort of looking for story locations, here.

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Hi guys!

I need some help. I'm putting together a web site for my fiction and including on it a few helpful fandom links, in case anyone stumbles across my site, likes the sound of popslash and wants to get started. (Unlikely to be helpful to anyone, but you know, just in case.)

I have some useful links, mostly thanks to [livejournal.com profile] popsoundboard being a resource of purest awesome. But what I'm really looking for is a page of really good Backstreet recs, preferably fairly mixed in terms of pairing and genre, that might get someone started in reading BSB fic. Mostly because my fiction is primarily of the 'N Sync persuasion and I want to be able to send BSB fans somewhere useful.

Can anyone suggest a good place for me to link to?

Thank you in advance!
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I know I have read it somewhere but Google has failed me.

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People, I'm writing a novel, which requires supporting characters.

I've already placed the members of N'Sync and BSB in my universe, plus Britney, Pink and Christina, and one member of O Town (plus 50 Cent). I've got all my major, "speaking role" characters now, I think; what I'm looking for, instead of creating original characters, is pop names to drop, to help populate the universe.

And of course, outside of the ten boys and the three girls I mentioned, I'm not very well-versed in the pop universe. So you would help me enormously if you could list as many pop people as you can think of, preferably roughly contemporary to our boys in terms of popularity.

Or at least: Justin's 23, going on 24 right now, so no one that would have been 15 at the start of 2005. Or 12, as some of these are going to be workplace people.

Extra points if it would give you squee to see their name dropped in a story. (I'm not promising anything more than a name-drop, though.)

Really extra points if you can provide me with a picture or a bio or some information about this person.

Thanks, everyone!

ETA: Female names especially appreciated.
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Hey, Buffy people?

Does anyone know offhand if Spike ever got his chip out? Or deactivated?

This is, believe it or not, necessary for fic.
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My Choey blood porn is in desperate need of a title.

Phrases including the word "taste" or "blood" would be helpful. I can't hit on the right thing.
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I am trying to write the follow-up to Thicker Than Vodka for Jammin' July.

This was meant to be a little sexy porn piece; it's now two and a half thousand words and they haven't even had the sex yet.

This has to be posted in about five hours.

Is anyone available for cheerleading and/or beta?
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So, I have signed up for Bittybang. But I'm not sure what to write for it, so I'm opening the field up for suggestions. I have a number of bunnies that I could write or I am open to alternative suggestions!

[Poll #1222257]

Some notes:

Beauty Queen has a handful of paras and is probably going to be huge. Like, way more than 20k. Plus it requires huge and scary amounts of research. It's not a front-runner for anything with a deadline, to be honest, but it's here.

Free Association could probably be 20k if it works out the way I want. Plus, it's fun and fluffy and sexy and full of people changing into things.

Some Other Hell Week could certainly be 20k but I'm not sure whether it's got another 20k in it, on top of the 5k I've already got. My abandoned dragon fic. Full of angst and GSF.

The Lambs Angst is a huge, epic, Justin coming-out story, and my story Beautiful is kinda-sorta drawn from the events of it. Aaaaaaaangst. Plus, porn!

AJ/Nick gay marriage would officially by my first Backstreet story ever (I think? Yes, I think so). But the idea of AJ and Nick getting married because they don't want to be the only single guys in Backstreet, and then falling in love, pleases me greatly. Plus this could definitely be 20k.

A Year In The Life is gonna be huge and full of high-drama angsty plot, because it's about high school girls. Affectionately known as "the teenage lesbians", because I'm still a slasher, and well. Yes.
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I do realize that I must eventually make this decision for myself, but I kind of need to hear opinions on this one...

Should I sign up for [livejournal.com profile] bittybang?

On the one hand, it'd be nice to have the time between the end of JuC Swap and the start of SeSa for my own projects, which wouldn't necessarily be one of the Big-Assed Bunnies on my enormous bunny list (I could use it to plan the vast Timbertone AU of many short parts, or remix Edison, or write epic amounts of very short fiction). And I'm feeling a bit challenged out at the moment, and deadline panic makes me cranky. Although the feeling of relief and happiness when your story is submitted is a very very worthwhile payoff.

On the other hand, I do have several Big-Assed Bunnies that could easily be 20,000 words and it would be really nice to devote my time and energy to one of them. (I'm even spoilt for choice. Should it be the Joey/Nick bodyswap, or the genderswap high school AU, or the angsty Lambs, or the unfinished dragon fic?) And I also partly feel a little bit morally obliged to take part: I'm adamant that popslash isn't dead and keen to put in the effort required to keep it alive, which probably helps to feed my Challenge Fever. I do realize that the entire future of popslash doesn't rest entirely on my shoulders but this is such a cool challenge and I want to help make it a success.

Back to the first hand, I don't want to burn out entirely, and get so annoyed with challenges that I never write popslash again.

Someone give me some advice?
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At Camp Sparkle, we watched some N'Sync interviews from the NSA era, when the guys went to do promo in Japan (and possibly Hong Kong?). There were two or three interviews in which Justin looks really, really sick and lethargic. I wrote a whole fic about this and I'm looking to find/make a specific icon for the story.

What I'm looking for is caps from one of these interviews, of Justin looking sick, preferably with Lance in shot?

Anyone help?
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...little help here?

My sister, [livejournal.com profile] cressida1, just signed up for LJ, and I thought I would get some recommendations for communities for her to join. She loves Top Gear, Supernatural, writing, true crime and ghost stories. She is not not not a slasher.

So if anyone could suggest slash-free TG or SPN comms, good (original or multi-fandom) writing comms, or any ghost-watch type communities, I'd be really grateful. She (and I) can always do searches - it's just nice to have recs, because then she's not throwing herself totally into the unknown!



Jun. 13th, 2008 02:45 pm
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I need to write some Timbertone for my June Bug today. And it's not like I don't have a page of prompts but nothing is inspiring me.

I don't know... just... help?

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