Nov. 20th, 2013 11:58 am
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Okay. Here is the plan:

1. Apply for two jobs.
2. One level of mathematics.
3. Everything else is gravy.
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This post carries a trigger warning for suicidal thoughts.

So all the stuff I've been doing over the weekend, about general organisation and getting shit done and dealing with the massive to-do list, was really useful. And at the same it didn't tackle one of the current major causes of stress in my life.

That's jobhunting.

Rambling on the topic of jobs. Trigger warning: discussion of suicidal thoughts )
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This is the last of today's spam. I swear.

I'm trying to write an elevator pitch for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to help me to reach my network on social media and maybe find work that way. (I'm really, really desperate for a job at this point.)

The thing about an elevator pitch, though, is the first thing they say is that it should be built around what makes you unique. And I have... literally no idea what makes me unique, especially in an admin-job sense. I don't feel like I'm unique at all! There are hundreds or thousands of people in London who can do what I do. So it's hard to figure out how to write an elevator pitch that isn't super-generic.

I did end up writing a list of things about me, but I'm not sure how much that helped.

Guys, if you have a moment, I'd love to hear one thing that you think is cool, or unusual, or even unique about me. (If you don't know, or you don't have a moment, don't worry!) Maybe that will help me figure out what to put in this elevator pitch thing.
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I have a job interview on Tuesday!

So I've been temping with a charity for the past few weeks, and submitted my application for the slightly longer-term (three months) version of my job. It would be really nice to be back on a contract, with actual leave to play with, and to be earning a little money over the summer. The hours are a little more than the last role I did with the same charity - 3 days a week rather than 2.5 - which is a wee bit of extra money but still leaves me enough time to keep studying all the code in the world. So that's fairly awesome.

I would love to have some luck sent. And in the meantime, I get to figure out how to prepare for an interview at an organisation I've been working at on and off since October.

Also using this as an opportunity to show off another new icon. I think I will hit random until I get something I haven't used before!
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Some of these things are code-related, and some not. (I am currently obsessed with programming - it is my new toy!)

-The bf is currently in France! (He came back from Norway. Now he has gone on another trip.) All seems to be going rather well, though, and he'll be back in a fortnight. :D

-Progress continues apace on the game - I'm starting to implement certain cool features with the test game, and might at some point build the "real game" which is based around a fairy castle theme. This will require me to make some maps and do some world-building, however, and I'm still at the "implementing features and keeping the game small enough to make it easy to test" stage. So that might be a while off.

-I am getting to the point with Perl where I might actually be able to tackle the bug I claimed at DW. Excitement!

-I also signed up for Github with the vague aim of someday perhaps working on Diaspora, for which I have recently signed up as a user - though that requires Ruby, which I don't yet have a clue about. I'd also like to do some coding for AO3 someday, though I have NO IDEA what language they use there yet.

-I am enjoying the second half of this year's Doctor Who series so far. Outrageous plot developments, weird narrative techniques, speed-of-light exposition and all.

-I need a job! (And with the boyfriend on holiday, I am lower-than-usual on distractions.) So there will be working on these things today and muuuuch writing of applications next week. Go Lucy!

And now I go to write a way of putting stuff in boxes in my game. Wish me luck!
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Time for an update of update-ey-ness.

  • I'm volunteering! So far, there is not much to be done, but I'm doing what needs to be done, and answering the phone and stuff. And getting up in the morning. Well, that's a work in progress, but we'll get there, right?
  • I'm working on biz-related stuff a bit each day. This is an improvement!
  • I'm blogging, too. (Well, this is biz-related. But hey, there it is.)
  • I'm keeping up with the knitting. But I need to update my Ravelry and stuff. If you're on there, too, I'm randomling.
  • I'm also working on the job-hunting thing a bit, but that needs some more dedicated scheduling. And also, giving some time to the volunteering thing, to give me confidence that I can actually do this "working in a place" thing again.
  • I think that is all for now.

Switching off the internet now. If I go to bed early, it helps with the getting up again (or so I'm led to believe).
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I'm baking bread and doing laundry.

I have an email to send, a cover letter to write and a CV to tailor, and an interview to prepare for (it's for a voluntary post, but that's okay). All of that is deadlined for Monday, so it's today or tomorrow.

I've also got an ongoing knitting project - no deadline, but "watching TV and knitting" is my go-to relaxation activity. Noticing those depression warning signs means I'm trying to allow myself lots of relaxation time, in the hopes of preventing myself going totally to pieces before I can get more drugs on Tuesday.

And there is stuff to be done to stop the entropy in my room. Five minutes of picking-up and putting-things-where-they-live will totally make my bedroom back into a haven.

So I am working hard on the self-care thing, while also trying to keep an eye on the various balls I have in the air.

I also still want to do writing but I'm totally floundering. Thank you to everyone who gave me links for prompting communities - I have lots of stuff to play with now! But something is still missing, I just wish I knew what.

Grr, this whole thing of having to figure out what you need before you ask for it. It's frustrating!
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I have a bunch of paid-for jobs to write applications for, an interview for a voluntary position, and another interview for a voluntary position to set up for towards the end of next week. So that's good news.

In less good news, my warning signs for depression (feeling numb, cranky and overtired) are rearing their ugly heads 'cause I'm out of anti-ds. I'll get more on Tuesday. It's a combination of my own stupid fault and the chemist losing my repeat prescription. Siiiigh.

I'm still a) unable to pick up the Inception story I've been writing and b) itching to write something. Not sure where to go with that. Writing, it is HARD. But on the plus side, MtYG assignments come out in about 10 days.

I keep thinking that I want to work on life design - but the concept of "desiging one's life" seems overwhelming and scary! So I think it'd be easier just starting by figuring out what I want my life to include. I don't even know, we'll see.

Also, I'm trying to navigate the difference between the good kind of pushing and the bad kind of pushing. It's hard, people!


Oct. 21st, 2010 12:02 am
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I have TWO interviews to set up tomorrow.

One for a voluntary position, one for a paid one.

Go me!


Oct. 19th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Feeling kind of sad tonight. But I am sort of... noticing it and letting it be there. And I think that's sort of good.

In better news: I did some good stuff today. Made job-hunt progress, worked on my ebook, and finished knitting the hat I've been working on (and darned in the ends). I shall probably do the pressing and making-up at the weekend, and then: new shiny hat for me!

Wondering about picking up the writing again after a couple of weeks' break. I miss it, but for various reasons the Inception epic is well and truly stalled at the moment. I don't want to give up on it permanently but I think I need something different to work on for now.

There was also piano tonight. Five minutes, but that was better than nothing.

To be done tonight - I want to find my hairdryer (I've been thinking about this for days and haven't got round to it!) and work on a bedtime routine of some kind. I'm pretty sure that would be good for me.

And now, dear Journalling Services, I am going to turn off the internet for the evening.

Good night!
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I'm starting small (very small!) but I have met my job-hunting goals for today. Tomorrow, the goals will be bigger, because I'll be repeating stuff I did today, and following up stuff I did today, too. I'm all organized! And trying not to push myself.

I have a small list of things I want to get done before I leave the house for my Very First Therapy Appointment OMG, which I'll be doing in about 2 hours. So it's time to make a list and get going on that.

Watched this week's SPN last night. Go Jensen for directing a thing! And it was a nice episode, it really was. An alternate take on the world of the show, which is always fun.

I'm not sure there is much other news!

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