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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! You are awesome and lovely and I am so excited.

General feelings and preferences )

Specific requests )

Once again, thank you so much for writing for me. I'm so excited to read what you come up with!
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* Inbox zero!!!! Has been a long time coming, so: FINALLY.

* Does anyone have any (online, preferably) shop recommendations for storage solutions for paper/stationery/etc? Ikea have some lovely things, but their delivery charge is exorbitant and I most certainly don't have the spoons for a trip to Croydon any time soon.

* Night Vale live next month EEEEEE.

* Work is going well! Have resolved some slightly snarly client stuff and am getting things done. Last couple of weeks have been really rough but I'm working my way back to where I want to be.

* I am not getting much (any) writing done and I'm slightly panicking about that 'cause it's Exchange Season and i have no idea what I want to nominate for Yuletide.

* I'm also not reading much, but this is an Ongoing Pattern and has been for at least a year. I have zero attention span.

* I think that's it for now!
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I'm not sure how many things yet, but I'm trying to talk more about the things that happen in my head because of, um, reasons.


It's Christmas! Happy Christmas if you celebrate, happy holidays if you don't! And happy Wednesday if you really don't. I've had a nice day (a bit of family stress, but who's surprised?), a DVD-heavy haul of pressies (all the Iron Man films yay!), and a nice dinner including ice cream for dessert. Now we are doing Richard Osman's Pointless Quiz.

I also received lovely gifts from [personal profile] flippac and [personal profile] kaberett, who I love and adore. Thank you! <3 [personal profile] llamabitchyo, your card arrived at my old house and is on its way to me, thank you much!

I have failed at presents beyond the family and at doing cards at all this year. If I get a job soon, I might end up doing random midwinter cards at some point.


I received three excellent stories for Christmas this year! One from Make the Yuletide Gay and two(!) from Yuletide. I haven't read any more stories yet, but here are the ones I received!

awake my soul
Justin/Lance! 19th century AU! H/C!

Tell Your Story Walking (6434 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haven
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos
Characters: Duke Crocker, Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos

No matter how long he lived in Haven, Duke Crocker would never actually be able to believe the shit that went on in and around his hometown. It wasn't that he hadn't lived through totally unrealistic crap for way too long, it was just that it seemed to keep getting more and more completely unbelievable.

The fact that there was a guy standing on Main Street in the full sunlight putting off sparkles like a damned frosted Christmas ornament was pretty high on the list.

Unknown Similarities (480 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Abbie Mills & Jenny Mills
Characters: Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills, Maddie (Sleepy Hollow)
Additional Tags: Yuletide, Yuletide Treat, Sibling Bonding

Abbie and Jenny find some common ground between them.

Eeeee, stories! I have several open in tabs and a mission to download allllll the fic onto my Kindle.


Thanks to the generous tuition of [personal profile] flippac, I have been getting into electronica a bit. Specifically, hard trance has grabbed my heart with an iron fist and won't let go. I have lots to say about the interesting things it's doing to my brain, but that needs a post of its own to unpack really. But it looks like it has the potential to be a really excellent brain hack for certain things, and I'm looking forward to playing with its potential more.


I've decided on a theme for 2014 - and tentatively, a theme for 2015, too! 2013's theme was "recovery", and though I didn't do much with it in the journal or consciously, the truth is I have actually got a lot better and am working on improving further. So that's a good thing. I'm hoping to consolidate on this year's successes with 2014's theme, which is going to be "resilience". At some point before the new year I'm going to sit down and write a post about my aims for the year and the tools I'm going to use to help and support me along the way. (2015's theme is, provisionally, "escape".)


I have a daily theme post to write today, and lots more 31 days to catch up on, too. I'll get there, though I suspect some of those topics will get pushed back to January!
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Hello! You are awesome and lovely and I am so excited.

General feelings and preferences )

Specific requests )

Once again, thank you so much for writing for me. I'm so excited to read what you come up with!


Dec. 24th, 2012 10:56 pm
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I managed to get my US/rest of the world cards out in a timely-ish manner, but I think my Europe and UK cards will have to be posted on the 27th. Oh well. Belated Christmas joy!

Also in Christmsa fun - there are challenges happening! Make the Yuletide Gay stories are live, and my story is incredible!. It has lovely JuNi, and it's set in the AvengersVerse and it has PLOT! and AWESOME DIALOGUE! and SNARKY LANCE!

I am yet to read much else but am excited to go through the list. One advantage of a small fandom is at least "read all the stories" is manageable even with limited spoons?

Yuletide isn't live until tomorrow, but my story is DONE and POSTED and I'm excited for the stories to go live at some point tomorrow!

If you can guess either my MtYG or Yuletide story, I'll happily write you something! I'll leave comments screened, in case people want to guess.

In the meantime, Happy Christmas, and happy holidays to those of you who don't celebrate (and/or celebrate something else).
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I now have both my assignments! Quite excited to write both of my fics, at least right now. Must do a little brainstorming and figure out the shape of my fics.

Any interest in a supersecret writing filter? I might need a little support here...
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Dear Santa,

I am so excited that you are writing a story for me!

This is my first Yuletide, and I'm honestly not sure what to expect, so this letter is likely to be a bit rambly. I'm also writing it in pieces, because it seemed like a big job to write about my preferences in four fandoms - so if it's not finished, please come back later!

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Warehouse 13 )
Eureka )
Haven )
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So apart from Harry Potter and the Methods of Anti-Gravity, I haven't posted any fic at all in almost three years. And I have written very little of anything in that time, either. I keep starting things and then abandoning them.

And yet I'm tempted to do two different Christmas exchange challenges this year. TWO.

One is Make the Yuletide Gay. I did it for the first three years, but have skipped it for the last two. It's in my old main fandom, popslash, and it must be admitted that I miss popslash dreadfully.

The other one is the famous Yuletide. This is much more work, because I have to figure out what fandoms to request and offer.

I think, however, that writing two 1000 word stories in 3 months is not impossible.

Friends, tell me if I am reckless and insane?

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