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Reading someone's long thinky-thoughts article about "the stigma of mental health" and the realities behind it, and I wonder to myself: why don't I write long thinky-thoughts articles about the issues that are important to me?

Partial answer: because I don't feel I have any opinions that are really "mine" (they all seem "borrowed" or absorbed from what other people think).

Partial rebuttal: aren't a lot of people's opinions based on reading or hearing what others think and developing their own opinions, either in agreement or contradiction?

Partial rebuttal to the rebuttal: Yes, but I feel like I could do better on a) doing my own research and fact-finding b) figuring out what I really think in response to other people's opinions c) not rushing to agree with everyone because fail-brain thinks I have to appease everyone or they will hate/attack me*.

What I guess I need: To figure out how to do a) and b), with an eye on mental health because seeking out facts about the upsetting things is likely to, duh, upset me, and with the corollary that b) is somewhat dependent on c) and c) is hard to fix in isolation.

What I might also need: Reassurance that I am not alone in having these kinds of struggles, stories about having, negotiating and learning about opinions, pictures of wombats or cats, hugs.

What I definitely don't need: Advice or opinions on How To Form Opinions (there is a whole extra thing of issues here about when people actually tell me what to do/think, I get grumpy).

*NB: I know this last is logic-free, it's a relic of my childhood which needs kicking in the arse if I could only figure out how.


Sep. 9th, 2013 07:16 pm
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I seem to be doing lots of processing these past few days.

Rambling about fun. )
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This post carries a trigger warning for suicidal thoughts.

So all the stuff I've been doing over the weekend, about general organisation and getting shit done and dealing with the massive to-do list, was really useful. And at the same it didn't tackle one of the current major causes of stress in my life.

That's jobhunting.

Rambling on the topic of jobs. Trigger warning: discussion of suicidal thoughts )
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And it is rather cutesy. But I kind of like it.

This is now my final post of the night.

There will be actual fannish content here soon, shortly.
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Lord, I'm gonna need to make this journal paid. I have one icon. And it's a wombat in a hat, which is not very fannish, really.

So this is my shiny-and-new public fannish journal. (Hello, pop people! Pop pickers, perhaps?) Except it's not new at all: this was my very first LJ. I'm working on getting all my communities up and running and so on. It's going to be weird using this name again after so many years. But I'm still me really - I think.

All this journal-wrangling is going to take some time and effort, figuring out what I'm going to do from which journal. The writing stuff is easy because that's just all going to be ported, wholesale, to [livejournal.com profile] wanderingwombat where it belongs. But it's going to be a little bit like starting all over again in fandom as a new person, and with not much continuity between one identity and the other (as I'm now trying to keep popslash off the old journal, as I've people on my flist who don't want to read it).

Maybe I should have done this the other way.

Anyway, I'm here now. And fuck it - to avoid confusion with the names, I'm just gonna stick with Lucy, and ask that if people know my last name, please don't fling it around the internet with too much abandon. (I know you guys won't, anyway.)

There was not very much fannish content in that post. I promise more fannish content on a subsequent occasion. Also, more icons, and a better profile. There will be Work on this journal. Hurrah.

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