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Yesterday's journal entry seemed quite useful, so I think I'll do one today, too.

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Nov. 4th, 2011 07:58 pm
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I've picked up the knitting habit again, which means I'm watching lots of TV. Especially when knitting boring patterns.

So, I'm kind of looking for cool TV shows to watch.

Here's some things:

-I quite like downbeat shows, but right now, I'd like cheery stuff. It's winter and I seem to have overdosed on sad books and TV episodes recently.

-Funny is good. Snarky humour is awesome; lots of slapstick probably won't make me all that happy.

-Sci fi, horror, fantasy, weirdshit, etc, are all pretty awesome. Mundane TV shows about high schoolers with no supernatural/sci fi element, probably not so much. (I'm quite tempted by How I Met Your Mother, even though there's nothing fantastical.)

-Reality shows are RIGHT OUT. I require plot. And scripts.

I'm all caught up on Haven, WH13 and Eureka. Currently watching The Dead Zone (old! But fun). Loved Buffy, Dollhouse and Firefly, have yet to see most of Angel. Was keeping up with both The BIg Bang Theory and Supernatural up until about halfway through last season, but have totally lost my place on both shows. Have had the Sarah Connor Chronicles and.... the one with Joshua Jackson...? Fringe! Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe have been recommended.

I would love some recommendations, droll-or-flist!
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Hurray for not being dead.

Here's a few things that are going on in my world.

1. I'm horribly behind on my Secret Santa. We'll see how things are going tomorrow - hoping not to have to ask for an extension, but we'll see. (I am not organised.)

2. The volunteering thing is going well. I'm starting to get into my stride there, which is a relief, and I'm starting to feel that I'm actually achieving stuff. It's odd, but I sort of prefer being busy and stressed to being bored. As long as I'm not too stressed, I guess?

3. I joined a support group to help with the getting back into work/sorting out my life thing. So far, it's being helpful. I'm working on forward planning and ritual, and I keep sharing Havi techniques and concepts in group. Seems to be handy!

4. I spent a lot of today rearranging my room. The more I process my belongings, the more control I feel I have over my space. Thank God for my dad and his unswerving support in this. Things feel better-managed now, but it is of course always a work in progress. I'm starting to come to terms with the idea that it'll never be perfect and that's okay, because I'll always be making baby steps towards better.

5. I threw a party for my parents tonight. It was small and relaxed, but lots of fun - we ate too much food and had fun conversation and played silly games and did quizzes. It was good!

6. Also, we beat the Guardian's Christmas Prize Crossword in two days. Woo! We'll even send it off, and maybe we'll win the prize. (Yeah, right. But we can try.)

7. In beating-the-depression news, I can finally listen to music again without getting twitchy and annoyed. Snake River Conspiracy. Backstreet Boys. Muse. U2. Hard-FI. Marilyn Manson. Radiohead. The Beatles. Nsync. Cobra Starship. I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS. Hurray!

8. I'm writing crazy fic in my head, which at some point should see the light of day (or at least the light of a computer screen) - but it's the wrong fandom for SeSa. Sigh!

9. I need to feed my TV addictions this week, if only so I can get enough knitting time in to finish my mum's scarf (something else I'm stupidly behind on). Maybe I can knit during quiet moments at work.

10. I think that's it for now. Goodnight!
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1. Dear God, it's cold out there.

2. The new Harry Potter is AWESOME. Just saying. As the rest of the internet seems to be saying: is it July yet?

3. I'm trying out Google Chrome for the first time, on the recommendation of some of the people I was hanging with tonight (hiii). Seems pretty cool so far, but I need to learn more about how it all works. (Or, anything about how it works!)

4. I completed a week of volunteering. Things are quiet there right now, so it's not very exciting, but I'm learning how stuff works there, slowly.

5. I'm discovering lots of new TV addictions. Hurray?

6. Also, I finished the hot pink lace scarf, which was for my sister's birthday. She loved it! Pictures soon.

7. That's it!
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Because it's Saturday, I baked bread today. That would be a routine that I'm developing. I'm quite pleased with that.

It was also better than last week. I'm still learning, though - there are lots of improvements to be made before I can honestly say, "I bake awesome bread." And I'm actually seeing it as "I can make improvements" rather than "I suck at baking bread" so that's a shift in attitude that I'm also pleased with.

I did a huge clear-out of my hard drive today and deleted or moved almost 75 gig of stuff. This is very pleasing.

I'm also downloading loads more TV (so: the whole "hard drive" space thing is temporary, hee). However, I still have loads of space on my hard drive.

I'm totally tempted to spend ages sorting through the material on "External HD The First". (These things, they need names, stat.) But what would be much more productive is sorting out the data on my old-and-cranky PC. Then, I would have actual access to the thing, which would be 100% amazing.

But I don't want to do it, because the PC is old and cranky and very very slow. Plus, I should probably be using this time to get prepped for America if I possibly can.

So much to do, so little time and spoons! Sigh.

But my brain seems considerably less mushy today. So I'm calling that a win for medication. And maybe I'll have more spoons tomorrow in a progression towards medicated normality.
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Today there has been lots of Eureka.

I'm also trying to catch up on The Big Bang Theory and I'm also thinking I might get to work on Leverage and White Collar.

Soooo, TV is on my brain. (I'm hoping to have stuff to watch on my laptop on the plane, should the in-flight entertainment be sucky, which it sometimes is. Ten hours is a long time to have nothing to do!)

I'm also doing a big re-organization of data because there is so much stuff on my computer. A lot of things are getting moved to the external HD. Space is at a premium! (At some point I also need to sort out the data on my old PC, so that I can maybe get rid of it.)

Not sure there is much else to report. I've started knitting this lace scarf which is testing my knitting skills!

And of course there is lots of prep to do for America which is all of a sudden in FOUR DAYS. (But I have booked my Heathrow Express ticket, so it's all good really.)

I should totally update the Lucy Viret blog, but I need a topic. Maybe I'll just watch another episode of Eureka while I'm thinking about it, or something.


Jul. 13th, 2009 04:43 pm
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I just got spoiled for Torchwood on Twitter.

This really, really annoys me. I have been so careful not to find out anything about it and now I just... don't want to watch it.

So pissed off now!
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Have been watching a whole bunch of Blood Ties and have come to the following conclusion:

It's not just in my head. The perfect solution to all the Vicki/Henry/Mike tension really would be a happy threesome.

Also, really, really pretty.

Just sayin'.
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First drafts for [livejournal.com profile] bittybang are due on Friday. Which is awesome; I've had my draft for a couple of weeks now, but still don't have a summary, and it's hard to invent one. At some point in the next couple of days I shall have to!

I've been busy with life-stuff, so writing on The Plan has been stalled for a while. Would like to get at least a few more words on it before I have to edit [livejournal.com profile] bittybang and start on SeSa.

I'm also obsessing about Supernatural a lot. I'm up to 3x14 and really enjoying the show so far. I have a little bunch to watch before I'm done! [livejournal.com profile] etsu_88 kindly uploaded up to 4x06 for me, so I shall soon be completely up to date.

I haven't done any fic-reading for the longest time - like, months - mostly because my illness has been making it hard to concentrate. And now I'm starting to feel better and I'm dying to have something good to get my teeth into. I'm not really very well-read in popslash, and would love to have something cool and new-to-me to read. Would love something long, like, 10k+ long. Anyone have anything specific to recommend?

(I am not choosy on pairings, kinks or plotlines, particularly - but I AM choosy about quality. Which is silly in fanfic, I know, but there you have it.)

And finally. Because tomorrow's the final day for sign-ups, I'll provide another pimp. If you haven't signed up for MtYG yet, WHY NOT?!

This concludes my Stuff for today.
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The problem with Last.fm is that if I put in N Sync or Backstreet I get all kinds of unrelated boyband crap. And apparently, either the slash completely fucks with my musical taste, or N Sync and Backstreet are genuinely far better than any other boybands ever.

Time to give up and put the Foo Fighters in, instead.

In other news, the world is making me sad, and so is the media.

Doctor Who Spoilers, BEWARE )

The other thing that's making me sad is the book I'm reading, The Devil In Amber by Mark Gatiss. Cut for spoilers and lack of interest to most people who are not me )

I'm supposed to be writing for tonight. I need to summon up a bunny that will make a particular person happy in the next hour or so.

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Well, I did nothing for Lance's birthday. Except for watching shitloads of Queer As Folk US, I guess. (Does that count?) It amuses me that the young, blond, pretty, pouty one is a Justin. A Justin T, even, heh. I would offer to write fics, but I already owe so many, so, not this time.

I did make myself a Justin icon, but I'm not sure I like it enough yet to add it. I'm not very skilled at these things yet. Will have to keep working...

Um, that's all I got.

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