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What with going to YAPC::NA, and reading various things on the internet, and so on, I've been thinking a lot about impostor syndrome. And about ways to combat it. Of course, [personal profile] synecdochic has her wonderful Monday Pride Thread, which I don't participate in enough, but I wanted a community with a specific focus on owning our achievements, improving self-esteem, and defeating impostor syndrome.

So I made one.

Friends, introducing [community profile] awesomeers.

I have a purpose, a grand concept of what I want to do with this community, but I'm still figuring out how I'm going to achieve my purpose. I know I'll be linking to that Monday Pride Thread each week. I know I've committed to posting some links on self-esteem tomorrow (eep!). I know I would like to gamify this thing - preferably in some way that doesn't involve points or a scoreboard or any way that's going to encourage people to compare themselves unfavourably to others, because that sort of defeats the purpose of us all being awesome within our own lives for our own individual reasons.

I'd like to do good things with this community. I'd love it if you joined me.
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Hi, all!

So right now things are quite tough in places, but one awesome thing is happening next month. Dreamwidth is sending me to YAPC::NA, and thanks to their generosity, everything is sorted - except the money to feed myself when I'm there.

Thanks to the government turning me down for benefits I'm entitled to, and to my not being well enough to work, I've currently got no income and no way of putting that money together on my own. So I'm asking for help.

The campaign is here.

I'm flying out on the 1st of June, which means I need the money to be in Paypal at least a week before that so I can transfer it to my bank account and use it. Apparently it will take Indiegogo two weeks or so to get the money to Paypal, so what that ends up with is me having seven days to raise this money.

It seems like a lot of money to raise in a very short amount of time.

There are perks - writing ones and coding ones - and you know I will give you my eternal gratitude for helping me to make this happen.

I'd love if you could donate something - every penny counts. And if you can't do that, I'd love if you could boost the signal.

Thanks, loves!
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So they updated the site overnight: woo!

I have two patches in this code push.

That is all.
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I am a beta tester whoo!

And.... yes, this is cool.

I think I am going to play with it a little. Hm.

The new tagging system is pretty damn cool.

I like the (base, base, base, base, I like the buttery biscuit base*) - um, I like the look of the "post as" and "post to" interfaces, and they make sense to me.

I just.... yes. I like this. I think it is cool.

[personal profile] afuna, you did a great job.

*Earwormy meme, that.
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I am working on a bug. (And at some point, I need to take a break so I can mess around with my game for a bit. I'd like to have something fun and playable by the time T is back and that does seem relatively doable.)

And I made a theme!

And... yes.

The #dreamwidth IRC channel is awesome and evil.
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For now... for now.

I'm going to crosspost. It means I can manage both my journals. I think I'm going to import my fannish LJ here to and then we will have everything in one place (and here, I am less worried about not separating the fannish and personal stuff, and maybe locking down the really personl bits).

Comments will be ON on LJ. And on here, too. Comment wherever you like!

I'm very much looking forward to being able to read my LJ flist via DW as that will probably be the final piece in the puzzle for me.

(NB: Readers of my fannish journal, catviret - HI. You've probably missed out on a lot of this as I haven't posted much to this journal in a long time. So. Greetings! Hopefully this will create more activity on this journal, haha. I have a new account on Dreamwidth and have been trying to work out for a couple of weeks what to do with it. I think I have now decided! For those of you who haven't seen, and I know there is a bit of crossover between my personal and fannish readers so you may see this twice or even 3 times if you also read DW... I am randomling on DW. The LJ journals are, as mentioned above, staying where they are. Oh, and this will probably also be good for readers of my personal journal who have missed a few entries or not chatted to me lately. Ahem.)

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