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So it's week 3 of my great adventure in relearning how to play the piano!

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So Lesson One was easy - literally nothing to challenge me, as it's the very basics, which I have at least not forgotten.

Lesson Two seems similarly easy except for one problem which is really bothering me, but I'll get to that.

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I need a piano icon.
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This is another thing I have thought of to do - an update about my piano progress. I'm using a book to teach myself (or, in these early stages, re-teach myself) and I'm going to go at what seems like a slow pace at this early stage, because the early lessons are full of things I already know from earlier attempts to become good at the piano and general-interest learning about music.

But the truth appears to be that I need to practise even the very early stuff. So I'm going to do one lesson a week, until I actually honestly need longer on lessons (this is likely to happen fairly soon but not immediately).

For those following along at home, I'm using Progressive Piano for Adults by Peter Gelling.

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Wish me luck? And I'll hopefully be back with more piano stuff next week.
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I think I might actually turn this into a journal (perhaps more bullet-pointy and less rambly than some journals).

I might decide at some point to make these posts access-locked or even private; we'll see if I even keep it up for more than three days, and how it goes. In the meantime, I'll just say no advice, please and leave it at that.

Journaly stuff is journaly. TMI included. )

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