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I am writing this down so I can think a bit about the process by which I am doing this.

Rambling about metadata and tagging process. )
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Why can I not stop CRUSHING ON THIS GUY FOREVER. (Link goes to the website of John Corvino, an American philosophy professor and gay rights advocate.)

Thinky thoughts below...

This got very long. )
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I am a beta tester whoo!

And.... yes, this is cool.

I think I am going to play with it a little. Hm.

The new tagging system is pretty damn cool.

I like the (base, base, base, base, I like the buttery biscuit base*) - um, I like the look of the "post as" and "post to" interfaces, and they make sense to me.

I just.... yes. I like this. I think it is cool.

[personal profile] afuna, you did a great job.

*Earwormy meme, that.
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I have recently started watching Haven. Mainlined the entire show in about a week and have just seen the finale.

ZOMG that is all.

In other news, I'm working on rearranging my Dreamwidth tags. There should shortly be some order around here (maybe?).
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So I've talked before about my writing blog. And I'm going to ramble on like a mad thing under the cut about why I have it and why it's different from my journal, and the effect it's had on my journaling practice.

If you can even call it that... )

That is all.
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I'm seesawing today. There were almost tears earlier, and then I wrote a rather long post on my writing blog and felt somewhat better, and now I'm feeling tearful again. Not even sure what's really wrong, except for the usual random floating-around-my-head stuff. Waiting for a couple of responses on stuff, which makes me feel nervous and upset. And - yes. I'm kind of feeling exhausted (didn't sleep well last night) and sad and very lonely (and also hermit-ish; I feel lonely, but don't want to go and hang out with my housemate and her boyfriend, go figure).

I think I am going to go to bed shortly.

It's weird 'cause I don't want to make Dreamwidth a place of whining, but sometimes I just kind of... need to whine. (Livejournal has always kind of been a whiny place for me!) I guess I need my Havi-sponsored six steps:

1. Acknowledge.
Okay. I feel lonely and sad. Here I am, feeling lonely and sad.

2. Agree.
I'm allowed to feel lonely and sad. That doesn't say anything bad about me. (Note the small voice in my head saying, I don't belieeeeeeeve youuuuu. What do I do with that?)

There are more steps but I'm stuck here for now, 'cause I don't believe that statement and don't know how to agree with myself there. Huh.

I think I will stop there.

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