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Just very, very quiet.

So have some things:

1. I've been using Habit RPG for about a month and a half and I think it's really helping me get shit done. Currently wondering if anyone out there uses it and wants to be in a party with me - I'm battling a boss at the moment, but I have a quest waiting in the wings for afterwards.

2. Work continues. I'm mostly making my daily and weekly targets, which is great, but I'm having serious nerves about farming myself on places like Elance to find clients I don't know. However, that won't be this month, anyway - I have enough from Existing Client and enough backend work setting up Elance, etc, that I can keep hitting targets for the time being without that.

3. I'm reading again! I should start posting book reviews or thoughts on books or something, if I can find the time and brain for regular posts. But I just recently found an excellent M/M fantasy series that is delighting me. And now I'm reading about 50s vampires in Cleveland.

Three things make a post, right? Right.

How are you, dear readers?

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