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I am writing this down so I can think a bit about the process by which I am doing this.

This is going hand in hand with the process of going through my (many hundreds of) journal entries, from 12+ years on LJ and DW, and trying to tag them appropriately. Which is going to be interesting and fun and a bit time-consuming.

But what I've been working on the past couple of days is rationalising my tags. I wanted a better tag taxonomy and there were a lot of stray tags floating around. I had a bit of a taxonomy in place already, but I've been throwing things into categories in order to tidy up a bit.

My current top-level tags are, in alphabetical order:

* activism
For anything political or social justice-related, really. Including things like free speech, feminism, LGBT rights, etc.
* challenge
For any writing challenges I participate in or talk about. This is a fandom-specifc tag, so it might better fall under the fandom top-level tag, but in some cases I'm anxious about character limits. I might try with the longest challenge tags I have and see if they fit into the fandom tag without too much squashing.
* emo
For all the emotions/feelings I tag my posts with. Not sure I like the word "emo" in this context - this might well need to get changed or maybe subsumed into the random tag.
* events
Loads of stuff needs to be harvested from other top-level tags for this one, but it's basically "things that happen".
* fandom
Basically this is fandoms and fandom-related topics.
* genre
Should probably be subtagged to writing, or possibly even writing: fic. Basically used for fics I post, to flag up if they are AUs, slash/het/gen, etc.
* headspace
Stuff that is or was or will be floating around in my head. Should at some point go through this tag and filter it all.
* health
Health stuff.
* journal
This is either me talking about this journal, or a denotation of what I'm using the journal for with this post (a ramble, a rant, an update, etc).
* life
Things which are going on in my life.
* media
Media things - TV, films, books, web sites, etc.
* pairing
This should go under fandom, probably, but again I'm worried about character limits. Should give it a try with longer ones.
* people
For when I'm talking about specific people, usually celebs or public figures of some kind.
* projects
Projects I have or used to have or am thinking about.
* random
Anything that doesn't fit in any other categories - usually comments on the post or tumblr-style tags or stuff in a similar vein.
* red letter days
To be subsumed into events.
* self
Anything that's directly about me/how I'm feeling (without necessarily fitting into other categories like life, health, headspace, projects, etc).
* series
For fic posts, indicating a story is part of a series. Should be subsumed into writing.
* story
For multi-part stories, linking the parts together. Should be subsumed into writing.
* stuff
For all sorts of things that have actual topics but don't fit elsewhere in the schema.
* tech
Technology things, like code stuff or me talking about my computer.
* warning
The only thing this has is the warning for adult content on my porn stories. Should probably be subsumed into writing.
* writing
All the things about writing. Ever.

So my next project is probably to go through "stuff" and assign things to better/more specific categories. I am thinking of making a "fun" tag for things which are fun, like gaming. There are things to go to media, events and possibly even life in the stuff tag, so.

This has been today's ramble about journal taxonomy. Thank you for your attention.

Date: 2013-12-16 02:47 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] tamouse
Go you!! I struggle a lot with tagging and categorising things, and I am supposedly some sort of expert in information architecture (got some scrap of paper somewheres or other). It is a Very Hard Thing, especially if the tags are meant to convey some kind of content information to someone else. Even conveying it to one's self can be hard, a year or two down the road.

Anyway, I hope this works well for you.

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