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Yup, it's time for a bunny list again. Here are some things that I am planning to write.

You can also check out my completed fanfic index or my original work at [personal profile] jules_thorpe.


Triad Verse
* Awakening the Stone (first draft in progress)
* Incidental Magci (note-taking needs to happen)
* Wilder (note-taking needs to happen)
* Zander's book
* Something involving the commune (for much later)
* Great complicated novel with multiple POVs to finish?

Brick Wall Verse
* Voicemail from God (first draft in progress)
* Little Bird (planning stages)
* I'm Not Dead (A&K novella) (planning stages)
* M&S (early planning stages)
* Something with Jack (Desecration?) (note-taking needs to happen)
* Evan & Simon (note-taking needs to happen)
* Shri's book (needs a plot)
* Final novel (The Summer War?) (note-taking needs to happen)
* finished product (already posted - needs revising and fleshing out a bit)
* Joel/Danny day at the beach snippet (needs edit and title)
* Joel/Danny vacation in Paris snippet (needs edit and title)
* Send Superman (Tess's book) (note-taking needs to happen)

MATIS & co
* AI story (Factory Settings?) (first draft in progress)
* AI sequel (note-taking needs to happen)
* Book 3 (needs a plot)
* Possibly more stuff in this series
* Final story (Archangel?)

Other original
* A&A novel? (note-taking needs to happen)
* Tapestry story (planning stages)
* Monsters in Paris (planning stages)
* Protagonist is abducted / character from another planet using protag as a scapegoat (note-taking needs to happen)
* Protagonist has nightmares / character from the future with amnesia (note-taking needs to happen)
* Heaven's Mountain (need to get old notes together)
* Lesbian fairies (needs a plot)
* Angelhair (need to get old notes together)
* Jamie & Chris
* Bird Music (fantasy world with bird-inspired magic and political intrigue)
* Rageful, terribly-disfigured Loki, his army of badly-burned "undead" soldiers called The Scarred, Ragnarok, lady protagonist trying (and failing?) to broker peace (The Scarred)
* Little girl, her mother, lesbian relationship (poly relationships, actually?), supernatural shenanigans?

Challenges and Projects

Indiegogo fics
* A&A snippet (needs edit and title)
* Firefly snippet (note-taking needs to happen)
* Popslash snippet (note-taking needs to happen)
* AtLA snippet (note-taking needs to happen)

Tariq and Omar-the-train-compartment (first draft in progress)

[livejournal.com profile] wipbigbang
Cal and Vincent (first draft in progress)

[community profile] queer_bigbang
Time travel story (planning stages)

Request-a-fic prompts
* FNW or I'm Not Home For Christmas tag (needs a plot)
* JC travels with the Doctor and meets Sherlock and John (needs a plot)
* JuC h/c, noodles (needs a plot)
* Something from [livejournal.com profile] fic_requests (needs a plot)
* Lance and Chris in the SPN universe (needs a plot)
* Pancake Bitch and JC on a double date with Gee and Bob nts reread Hi De Woe by [personal profile] turps (needs a plot)
* Sam, Dean and pie. (needs a plot)
* Roller coasters. (needs a plot)
* Letterboys breakup. (needs a plot)
* A day in bed / which one is a CIA agent? / icing on the cake. (needs a plot)
* TrickC, ice cream. (needs a plot)
* Joey/Justin: barefoot on a balcony / nosebleed and scotch whiskey / lick the wall (needs a plot)

Fanfic 100 prompts.
The Fanfic 100 LJ community appears to be long gone, and my claim is many years old. Given that, I've decided that I want to fill the prompts, but I'm planning to fuck around and cheerfully not bother making them all the same fandom/pairing, as they would have had to be to fulfill the original challenge requirements. Including making some of it the dreaded original fic. Hurrah!
* Fix You Right Up (Popslash, Joey/Justin - Fixed) (note-taking needs to happen)
* Ten Days Before Dawn (Original - Breakfast, Spring, Water, Choices, Sixth Sense, Strangers, Moon, Touch, Air, Home, Lovers, Beginnings, Shade, Sound, Not Enough, Black, Days, Heart, Insides, Light, Dark, Green, Life, Spirit, Rain, Enemies, Storm, Passing, Circle, Ends, Sunrise)
Prompts remaining: Middles, Outsides, Hours, Weeks, Months, Years, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Brown, White, Colourless, Friends, Family, Parents, Children, Birth, Death, Sunset, Too Much, Smell, Sight, Shapes, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond, Club, Spade, Fire, Earth, Lunch, Dinner, Food, Drink, Winter, Summer, Fall, Lightning, Thunder, Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, How, If, And, He, She, School, Work, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence, Writer's Choice x5 (current ideas: Sun, Autumn, Hunger)

[community profile] genprompt_bingo card
Current card.
Vacations and Holidays: Joel/Danny Paris snippet (needs edit and title)
Planning to fill: Secrets and Lies, Ghosts and Hauntings, Wild Card, Families

[community profile] cottoncandy_bingocard
Current card.
Haven't decided which prompts I want yet.

[community profile] trope_bingo card
Current card.
Sex pollen: Garak/Bashir (note-taking needs to happen)
Haven't decided which other prompts I want yet.

[community profile] origfic_bingo card
Current card.
Haven't decided which prompts I want yet.


Carry A Sharp Stick (Highlander/BtVS crossover)
* Schroedinger's Boyfriend (first draft finished, needs heavy edits)
* Who Watches the Watchers? (need to finish first draft)
* The Hero Complex (note-taking needs to happen)
* Wedding Song (working title) (note-taking needs to happen)
* Last Train to Karkov (note-taking needs to happen)
* Inevitable (note-taking needs to happen)

Other Methos Fic
* The Gift (working title) (note-taking needs to happen)
* Methos offers to be Mac's teacher, 20 years later
* CAH AU - Methos goes back to Kronos seriously, Mac dies(?) (note-taking needs to happen)
* Highlander/AtLA fusion where Methos is the world's most reluctant Avatar (note-taking needs to happen)
* Amanda, Mac and Methos threesome (after Finale)
* The Cradle-Robbers (working title) Methos/Joe, comedy fic

Other Fanfic
* Cecil/Carlos where Carlos works for the vague yet menacing government agency (first draft in progress)
* Cecil/Carlos porn (first draft in progress)
* The Dead Wives' Club, featuring Pepper Potts/Nyota Uhura (needs a plot)
* Cecil/Carlos genderswap (needs a plot)
* Carlos returns to the Desert Flower after nearly dying there (needs a plot)
* Work of Art (need to get old writing/notes together and put together a second draft)
* The Plan (need to get old writing/notes together and finish first draft)
* Eureka/MCU crossover
* Scully/Black Widow adventure epic (note-taking needs to happen)
* Black Widow/Bashir time travel fake marriage story (note-taking needs to happen)
* Willow Rosenberg in Eureka (note-taking needs to happen)
* Eastern Promises: in which Kirill accidentally shags a 23-year-old Danny McKenzie (OC from the Brick Wall verse)
* Sanctuary: Lies Buried (James Watson's funeral) (drafted, needs edit)

Fannish meta
* Comparison between Abrams and Roddenberry Trek (note-taking needs to happen)
* Dismantling Roddenberry's Utopia: Dissent and Perspectives in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (note-taking needs to happen)
* Mirroring between Aang and Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender (canon rewatch with notes)
* Where's the Writer? Storytelling in The X-Files' "The Post-Modern Prometheus" (needs rewatch)
* The Value of Slash (much research is needed)
* And It Will Involve A Mirror: Reflection and Refraction in the Night Vale Universe (needs relisten with notes)
* Night Vale and the Cold War (so much research)
* Fringe and Supernatural and what they have inherited from the X Files (needs canon rewatches with notes)
* The veneration of masculinity in The Big Bang Theory (note-taking needs to happen)
* Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, queer sensibilities and narrative

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