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Making a rare public post. And a rare post, come tot hat.

Like most everyone I've seen post anything on the internet today, I am shocked, I am angry, I am horrified and terrified. I think we need community more than ever. I sure as hell do.

[personal profile] kaberett is holding a very timely love meme. My thread is here, or will be when it's unscreened. I'll try to keep up, but feel free to link me to yours in the comments.

Given that I'm not the only person who's wondering how the hell to make a difference on low-to-no-spoons in this increasingly shitty climate, I've been wondering how to organise that. Because of spoon and brain reasons (I'm not a very steady person, I tend to come and go with interests and I sort of need advance permission to burn out and disappear for large chunks of time) I'd need a co-mod or three and probably some discussion about how to set it up and what we might want to do. I'm thinking of a name like spoonless_activists or something?

The problem with being disabled is we often don't have the spare resources to spend on the stuff that might change the world. But maybe if we organise we could do... something? Even if it becomes a place to signal-boost petitions, fundraisers and community events and nothing more, that's a start. And maybe we can find something to do with it.

What do you think, people? Anyone want to join this effort or have any ideas?

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