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So there's a lot of old stuff from my old hard drive that needs airing out and shaking vigorously and turning into useful notes so I can maybe one day get some of it written.

Under the cut: I go through the old bunny list and make semi-coherent notes.

Content note for mention of (my own) transphobia and child sexual abuse.

There's a lot of popslash stuff here that can have the serial numbers filed off and be original-ified, I think, if I like. So I am looking with a view to that in some cases.

Free Association
Body swap. Was going to be Joey/Nick. I would love to turn this original. I think my plan is to make this into a f/f rather than a m/m romance. That way my characters can still be called Joey and Nick (or maybe Nik?) without too much harm!

It needs a reason for the bodyswapping to be happening and some kind of plot. Probably a supernatural one, given that this is a bodyswap story. Worth playing with.

Beauty Queen
Holy shit the original concept for this was so transphobic it hurts. Stop it, past self.

I'd like to make this original, keep the trans central character, the cranky pub landlord love interest, and junk nearly everything else, including the awful title. I need to make notes and see how this shakes out.

Game Face
Still quite like the idea of Justin and the rest being vampires, Joey being the lone remaining human, and the Scooby Gang helping to deal with the issue. Would probably mean a rough ending of some kind though, because either we end up with dead sparkly boys or sparkly boys getting away and killing more people. Either way this is going to go a bit dark.

This was just going to be a short and silly piece mostly for the sick humour and general creepiness involved. Might be worth looking to see what I've got and whether it can be finished and posted quickly.

Some Other Hell Week
Oh this was such a good concept and I abandoned it because of deadlines and it's sad! I might have to original-ify this, though I need to put the main characters through some kind of "hell week" - like, something on top of the actual plot where there is a dragon and they're all coming into superpowers. It's Chris-centric originally, so I need another grumpy and wry central character. Maybe a woman this time? Worth having a think about.

This has a draft which needs polishing up and posting and that's all. I should do that at some point.

JuC library AU
I still love the idea of a librarian, I can't remember what the other character was supposed to be. As part of the process of digging through old email, I should end up finding out what this thing was and maybe it can be turned original, that'd be nice.

Child abuse Lynncest
Ugh, this was me so working out my feelings about child sexual abuse. Do I still want to write it? I don't know. Put it on the list of "creepy, maybe".

The Magic Number
Oh, this was going to be wistful angsty Lambs. I'd almost still like to write it as wistful angsty Lambs still. It would get very generic if I took the popslash away (wistful post-breakup angst, possible reconciliation) but on the other hand I'm kind of reluctant to put loads of effort into a popslash story that two people are going to read. Hrm.

Untitled Lambs Angst
Apparently this was about Lance helping Justin come to terms with being bi. No memory of this. Probably dump.

Untitled Reunion Fic
More Lambs, this one about a band reunion and love in the studio. No memory of this one either. Probably dump.

Popstars Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other
Justin and his multivarious crushes on his bandmates. Despite being totally straight. I guess this could be generic-ified, though it would still need to be about a band...

All Right
Angsty angsty angst in which Justin dies and Joey feels guilty. Could almost certainly be turned original.

Stars of CCTV
Oh, this was going to be FUN. AU Lambs in which Justin is a criminal and Lance is his tagalong best friend/eventual lover. Could totally be turned original if I wanted to play with it. After the Hard-Fi song of the same name.

Sticking the Nsync boys into the Shadowrun universe. Could totally make my own characters and set it in a serial-numbers-filed-off magic-and-tech universe of my own making, or something.

The Boys Who Scammed MTV
Aww, Charlie and friends. The plot was unbelievably stupid, but I adore Charlie and his ridiculousness and his awesomeness. Although he's much more interesting at 25 than 19, what was I thinking? Maybe he could get his own book?

Corey and Martin coming out romance
Ha, I have some memory of the name. Pretty sure these boys were American. Could I British-ify them and give them a story somehow?

AJ/Nick Gay Marriage
Ha, I only have a vague memory of this. Not sure it's particularly viable, though it might be fun as a short one-shot.

Chris in the West Wing
I think there's a reason this has been languishing for six years. I never had a really good idea for how it would work. Probably dump.

Undone: or, You Can't Save The World In Four Minutes
A reaction to that stupid Justin and Madonna song, starring Lance. Might be an interesting (maybe original?) seed for an adventure story here.

A Year In The Life
Teenage lesbians! This should absolutely be original-ified. (It was originally a genderswap high school AU with every pop person in it you could imagine.)

JC/Chris-the-DJ (from Northern Exposure)
I never really watched enough Northern Exposure to make this work, unfortunately.

Fix You Right Up
Joey and his magical healing cock! Man, I still want to write this. Maybe as original crackified erotica. If I could make it really funny it might work.

Accident Prone
Sequel to Thicker Than Vodka and Even - in which the blood kink thing leads them to fall in love. Wouldn't feel comfortable doing this without a lot of research into that particular kink, tbh, and I'm not sure the previous two stories really stand up to scrutiny there, so it might be better to dump this.

Face The Music
The sequels to A History Lesson. Many angst. Not sure if I'm feeling it.

Farscape/popslash crossover. This never really got off the ground, sad to say.

Pop/Buffy crossover
Another one. This one has Justin at Sunnydale High and the rest of the crew at UC Sunnydale and an intriguing relationship between Chris and Giles. That was quite fun. There's some words for that - I should grab them and post them somewhere 'cause they're pretty good.

Lance In Space
Aw, this is probably never going to get written. It would have been so fun. I am sad. Maybe one day?

Digital Get Down Mixes
Haha. No, these are probably not going to happen.

Crossed Wires
Six Steps follow-ups. Again, probably not.

JC and Jack Harkness
Oh that would have been fun. But... yeah probably not going to happen.

All That Glitters

This was awesome. It was full of angst. It was a gold-rush romance and these days I would probably call it "All That Glisters" because you might as well get the original quote right. These days I would also probably do quite a lot to avoid having to write American voices, so if it happens I might set it in a fantasy world where perhaps there is magic and dragons. (But still a gold rush, because gold.) I quite liked this!

Paranormal Timbertone AU - Before Dawn
This is so getting rewritten to be original. In fact I already tried that once but I have lost all the draftage. It's sad. In any case - yeah, this has potential and I want to play with it more.

Ooh this was useful.

I should do more processing.

Date: 2014-04-01 11:31 am (UTC)
sperrywink: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sperrywink
Wow, you have a ton of Popslash WIPs. That's amazing. Good luck making them original and what not.

Date: 2014-04-02 09:59 pm (UTC)
ephemera: celtic knotwork style sitting fox (Default)
From: [personal profile] ephemera
JC_CHRIS_THE_DJ!!! I would read the *hell* out of that!

Also hurray for stories!

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