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I quit listening to the radio properly about ten years ago. Which means that with the exception of the very occasional new band or artist introduced to me by friends, I'm really out of touch with modern music.

I'd like to borrow the attitude of one of my characters - if you think it's noise and not music, that just means you haven't figured out how to listen to it yet. But I'm not sure I'm quite there yet. I have wide-ranging tastes but I prefer my music to have some kind of coherent melody - so...

Okay, I don't know the specific terms because my genre knowledge is crap. But I prefer melodic jazz to twiddly-rambly-improv jazz, I don't mind a bit of shouty metal but I like when there's melody along with the shouting, I like dance music but I prefer when it has a melody I can follow and not just decorations on beat-and-bass, for classical I prefer the stuff with pretty melody to the hyper-modern discordant jangly stuff. I'd like to learn more about the kinds of music that my ear doesn't hear as "melodic" and I'm pretty sure "melodic" is a pretty subjective term anyway.

And I'm not doing well right now at trying to figure out what I want to be listening to.

BUT. Having rambled a lot about the music I like, I'd like to hear your... top ten (or top three or five or twenty if either of those is easier) tracks or artists that you think I might not have heard.

You are very welcome to totally skip the bullet points below which I've stuck behind a cut - they're more detailed on the stuff I might have heard of but without listing every artist I'm familiar with it won't be comprehensive and I won't be offended if you rec stuff I already know!

My background:
* Decent on stuff between about 1993-2006, especially towards the rock/indie end (as opposed to the dance/poppy end, though with an odd specialism in late 90s/early 00s boybands thanks to fandom). Though I have weird gaps (I only know the very obvious song by Suede).
* Less good on dance in that period - I only know the radio standards of the time, not the club classics, certainly not most of the cool stuff that only dance fans knew, 'cause I was an indie kid back then.
* Patchy on earlier rock - I mostly know the anthems and have a handful of good pre-1990 albums.
* Much more patchy on pre-1990 pop and rock. Again, I know the anthems, but much less familiarity with anything other than that.
* Very patchy indeed on jazz and classical from any era - I have some stuff, but the interesting, obscure stuff is a mystery, and I have no education/training in classical music, just a handful of "popular classics" albums. I love my Ella and Louis (and my Cole Porter) but jazz beyond that is also mysterious.
* Almost non-existent on stuff since about 2006, with the exceptions of Hard-Fi, the Killers, the Indelicates and Vienna Teng. I hear there is good stuff out there to know, and I'd love to hear some of it!

Have at it if you will? Thanks!
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I put 8 songs up in a playlist on 8tracks for you. Just random pop and alternative songs I have liked in the last 3-4 years.


Random 00s and 10s from slowerly on 8tracks Radio.

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I changed the name once i realized all the songs were from 2010s, so tha tlink might not work any more?

Try this one:

Random 10s from slowerly on 8tracks Radio.

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Oh, bummer! Damn region-specific crap!!

If you can't find something on youtube, let me know, and I'll see if I can send it to you.

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I'm very fond of Vienna Teng, who writes memorable melodic music in a variety of styles, about interesting topics. Each thing she releases is interesting in its own unique way. Check her out on youtube and buy an album if you like it.
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Hmmm I have the perpetual problem of listening to lots of music but as soon as I try to think of suggestions, my brain freezes up and I go 'uhhhhh.....' a lot, but I'll throw some names out here and then maybe see if I can reproduce some of my favorite 8tracks playlists elsewhere (unless the youtube thing they've got now even sort of works? Being in the US I have no idea). Many of these are probably also not super-recent because I don't listen to the radio either.

-VNV Nation
-Assemblage 23
-E Nomine

Rock (in various flavors)
-Fall Out Boy
-Nine Inch Nails
-David Bowie

-Aaron Copland (Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid
-Antonín Dvořák (Symphony No 9 'From the New World'/New World Symphony)

-The Mountain Goats
-Bruce Cockburn