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Whether that is RP or guessing games or I don't know what else. It is fun. :D

Also, yes, I really ought to update more.

Current state of the randomling:

* headed home tomorrow after nearly two months staying with a friend in Germany. It's been really fun and I shall be sad to leave! But I'm coming back in May!
* my German has improved considerably.
* I've also started poking gently at learning Hebrew. I'm now roughly at "I can vaguely understand the alphabet and I'm learning words, but learning huge piles of vocab without context or grammar is starting to seem increasingly pointless". So along with the alphabet-learning book [personal profile] liv recommended, I need to look into beginner's Hebrew language books next. Plus probably a good bilingual dictionary.
* that said, a winter's worth of reduced work due to depression means I'm currently a bit low on spare cash (thankfully I had emergency provisions so I'm not actually unable to cover bills), so I have a feeling buying lots of books for the shiny new language will have to wait.
* and THAT said, I now seem to be back to working reasonably consistently, so the money situation should start to improve soonish.
* any Highlander fans reading this? One thing I've been doing while here is consuming Highlander at a rate of knots - I'm still on my first watch-through, now partway through S4 (I'd just finished S1 when I got here). I have fallen hopelessly in love with Methos. Hopelessly. Hopelessly. It's a problem. (And a delight. METHOS.)
* I am very well-fed just now. We had potato nests (mashed potato, scrambled eggs and a German dairy product called quark; I skip the quark 'cause I don't like it, but mashed potatoes and scrambled egg is *awesome*).
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Hi, all!

So right now things are quite tough in places, but one awesome thing is happening next month. Dreamwidth is sending me to YAPC::NA, and thanks to their generosity, everything is sorted - except the money to feed myself when I'm there.

Thanks to the government turning me down for benefits I'm entitled to, and to my not being well enough to work, I've currently got no income and no way of putting that money together on my own. So I'm asking for help.

The campaign is here.

I'm flying out on the 1st of June, which means I need the money to be in Paypal at least a week before that so I can transfer it to my bank account and use it. Apparently it will take Indiegogo two weeks or so to get the money to Paypal, so what that ends up with is me having seven days to raise this money.

It seems like a lot of money to raise in a very short amount of time.

There are perks - writing ones and coding ones - and you know I will give you my eternal gratitude for helping me to make this happen.

I'd love if you could donate something - every penny counts. And if you can't do that, I'd love if you could boost the signal.

Thanks, loves!

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