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Ah, I haven't done one of these in ages. [personal profile] liv gave me the letter V.

Something I hate: Valentine's Day. Quite aside from the vile commercialisation of romance, I am in general supremely romantically unsuccessful with occasional bouts of resentment about being single and unable to figure out how to do dating successfully (or, mostly, at all), and Valentine's Day never fails to give me a relapse. As usual, I fully intend to ignore V-Day this year (actually I'm still in Bavaria, and there is a major public holiday on the 14th of an entirely different nature, so hopefully I will be in costume and not thinking about my lack of a love life at all).

Something I love: Viennese fingers. Preferably with chocolate. They are delicious.

Somewhere I've been: Vichy, France! I spent two weeks there studying French in the summer of 2007. It was great, I learned lots of stuff, stayed with a lovely French-and-English-speaking Polish woman and discovered delicious crepes with chocolate sauce. My French is now ridculously rusty again (that was nearly 8 years ago and I haven't done much with it since), but I'm planning to pick it up more seriously once I'm reasonably competent in German.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Vancouver! The only time I've ever been to Canada was because I was changing planes at Calgary on the way home from a US visit. Not only is Vancouver supposed to be beautiful, it contains at least one friend I'd love to meet, and it's where a lot of shows I like were filmed. One day!

Someone I know: Vish, a guy from the job I had towards of my degree and for a couple of years thereafter. We are Facebook friends (so we don't really talk these days) but he was fun to work with!

A film I like: V for Vendetta was pretty cool. I should get hold of that on DVD, actually.

If you would like a letter, comment and I'll give you one!

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