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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! You are awesome and lovely and I am so excited.

On the whole, I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to fic - there's lots of stuff I like! This includes: fluff, angst, porn, world-building, relationship-focused stories, plotty stories, happy endings, sad endings, crack, and very serious doom-laden fic.

That's not actually very helpful, is it?

It's Christmas, so I would in fact prefer at least a glimmer of hope if you're planning on a sad ending, and preferably no permanent deaths of pre-existing characters (if you want to create and murder a redshirt, or kill someone off and then resurrect them, that's fine).

Please write whatever rating you're comfortable with - I enjoy porn, but I am quite happy without it. And in any case, half my requests this year are for family relationships, and I really do not want any incest fic, so it's quite possible you're writing something where I really don't want porn! If you are writing porn, please stay away from watersports (and definitely away from scat), as well as anything involving pain-play. On the other hand, I am quite fond of teasing and orgasm denial.

Narrative kinks: I love fic that explores the ways in which people are broken but finding ways to function around their brokenness. I love relationships where people are snarky or regularly argue but love each other anyway. I love when people have complicated mixed emotions about things in general. I also love a bit of hurt/comfort. If that turns out to be appropriate for your story, feel free to milk it for all it's worth. Lastly, I'm a big fan of AUs of any kind, whether the charcters are running a coffee shop, or in space or the 18th century. (The specific requests below sort of assume that you'll be writing something canon-compliant, but if you would rather write an AU, please feel free!)

A couple of anti-kinks: I really hate MPREG, and indeed any kind of pregnancy stuff - please stay far, far away. I'm not fond of little kids, either (canon kids are okay in small doses). Please avoid putting any homophobia or racism in your story (yes, I realised I've asked for canon queer characters, characters of colour and slash; but it will hurt). I also do not want non-con, dubcon or rape.

I think that's enough for general things!

Drop the Dead Donkey (Joy Merryweather)
I adore Joy. She is one of my favourites characters from anything! I honestly don't mind what you do with her, as long as a) you don't permanently break her (feel free to have her temporarily or nearly broken and come out of it angrier than ever and still swinging) b) you don't kill her off c) she stays badass and awesome to the end. What I love about Joy: her endless trust issues, her biting wit, her pessimism and misanthropy, her ruthless and unwavering competence.

I'd love to see what would happen if she found a partner (or indeed just a friend) that she could really trust, and what it would take for her to open up bit by bit. Or I'd love to see another instance of someone trying to take her for a ride and her winning the day with cunning and a vicious sense of self-preservation. Or pretty much anything you like as long as it features Joy!

The Fast and the Furious (2001) (Brian O'Conner, Dominic Toretto)
I really, really love these characters and yes, I love this slash pairing. I'd love to see a slash story that doesn't ignore (or indeed demonise or fridge) Brian and Dom's existing partners - I especially adore Letty - and that gives the two characters some kind of happiness together, even if that's got to be fleeting because of the context of the movie. (I have seen some of the subsequent movies but not Fast 5 or 6, and I particularly love this first movie.)

If you're not comfortable writing slash, then something focusing on these characters and their friendship would be great!

Eastern Promises (Kirill, Nikolai Luzhin)
I love this movie and I particularly love Kirill and his desperate pining after Nikolai. I'd love something where he gets what he really wants - even if that's fleeting, or confusing, or fucked-up, in the context of Kirill and Nikolai's confusing and fucked-up lives.

If you're not comfortable with the slash, I'd love something that focuses on Kirill and his feelings for Nikolai and the nature of their friendship.

The Musketeers (Athos)
Angsty, wry and snarky heroes are my crack, and Athos is a fine, fine example. I would love to read almost anything about him - as long as he comes out swinging (he doesn't necessarily have to be happy about it, but please don't kill or utterly break him). Things I love about Athos: his self-deprecating humour, his wryness, his sharp tongue, his angst, his relationships with the other Musketeers, his hat.

Give him a pairing if you like (as I said in my request, I'd prefer him to be paired with another man, but I really don't mind who - and if you have a really strong bunny that involves him with a woman, go for it!). Or give him a friendship story. Or have him battling evil/his inner demons all on his own. Any of these options will make me very happy!

Orphan Black (Felix Dawkins, Cosima Niehaus, Delphine Cormier, Sarah Manning)
I love all of these characters and especially love Felix and Cosima. Would love to see pretty much anything involving any of these characters and their wonderfulness. I love the brother-sister relationship between Felix and Sarah and the romantic relationship between Cosima and Delphine. Basically this show is an utter delight. Yay!

Sleepy Hollow (Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills, Macey Irving, Andy Brooks)
Again: all of these characters make me really happy. I would love to hear more about Macey and get to know her better. I would love to hear backstory or future-story about Andy Brooks. I'd love to read about Abbie and Jenny, either as a team or separately. I love this show for so many things - horror, humour, history so bad even I can spot it, its wonderful and many and nuanced characters of colour. I would love to hear more!

Once again, thank you so much for writing for me. I'm so excited to read what you come up with!