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Things you should know about me.

Hello, new and old readers of my journal alike! This post should cover some useful things.

About me

Hi! I'm LC. I'm a wombat person. (And I'm okay.)

Unsolicited advice is quite triggery for me. Please try to avoid it.

I am (self-diagnosed, pursuing a medical diagnosis) autistic. I find subtext and unspoken expectations Difficult. If you want something specific from me ("please reply to my PM/comment or I will feel Sad and Unloved", "please never mention this to another soul", or more likely something I have never thought of) please say so in words or I may not understand.

I am bisexual. (Or something. My orientation seems to vary wildly from year to year, and "bisexual" seems to cover a multitude of sins.)

I am transgender. I identify as non-binary and I tend to dress/present quite masculine, and cut off all my hair in 2012 after a lifetime of long hair - it was really very liberating. (I also have facial hair due to a hormone imbalance.) I'm still exploring my gender identity (five years and counting!), so I'm not really up for saying much more about it at this point, though if you have access you can find some recent ramblings about my gender feels. My pronouns are he/him/his.

I am fannish. I'm currently working on original and reading very sporadically in various fandoms. (I haven't posted any new fanfic in a good couple of years.) I tend to post about fannish stuff quite rarely on this journal, but that's always subject to change. There is a whole section on fandom and writing below.

If you want to find me on other services, a fair few are listed on my profile. There's also the contact details tag on my journal. Offline/wallet name contact details are access-locked, for obvious reasons - if you need them and you're not on my access list, please PM!

About this journal

Until a couple of years back, this journal was pretty much open to the public and I only granted access to a few trusted friends. These days I most often post under lock, so I'm experimenting with giving access to new subscribers. I'm not perturbed by a lack of "balance" in access/subscription circles, so feel free to subscribe, unsubscribe, or grant and revoke access, at will. I post stuff exploring my own headspace to a filter. If you want to join the filter, please answer this poll.

If you should feel the need to give me things, or do nice things for me, my permanent wishlist is located here I've also got a material things wishlist for actual physical stuff that I need.

If you know my wallet name, please try not to connect it with this identity; I try quite hard to keep my wallet name separate from my online/fannish names. You're welcome to address me as LC anywhere, though, I don't keep that part secret!

More seriously: this whole journal should really carry a trigger warning for discussion of depression; I'm a lifelong sufferer and it comes up now and then.

And on a more general note, if you have particular triggers that I should know about, do let me know. Commenting on this post is a good way to tell me (you could also PM if you feel more comfortable). Comments are screened in case you don't want to share your triggers with The Whole World. (Hat tip to [personal profile] dingsi for the idea.)

I tried to do the 31 days meme for December and totally flaked out. The remaining prompts are still on my list though!

Fannish and writing things

Here's a list of my fandoms, which I try to keep up-to-date.

Here is my bunny list, which I'll also try to keep updated.

You can find all my fannish writing on AO3 or under my fic tag here on DW. There is also an index of all my fannish writing.

There's also a writing filter, under which I very occasionally post ramblings and snippets about my work, which I should check if there's a sign-up post for so I can edit this post accordingly.

Original writing, as and when I finish any, can be found over at my writing journal, [personal profile] jules_thorpe.

Final note

I will occasionally revise and update this post as I think of more things, but that is it for now!